Thursday, June 5, 2014

Geogia Pellegrini's Tips To Living More Self-Sufficient

Georgia Pellegrini's Modern Pioneering is the Ultimate guide in learning how to live off the land.  It includes more than 150 recipes, projects and skills for a self-sufficient life.  I found it extraordinary and full of new ideas for those of us who have made the most of mother nature in our lives.  As a young girl back in the sixties, I recall my Italian grandmother and her friends picking dandelions to use for dinner.  Ms. Pellegrini includes recipes for dandelions as well as other edible flowering plants and they sound quite delicious.  There is imperative information on how to make your own planting seeds; make tea from scratch; where to grow certain plants and a wealth of information too long to list here.  It's a wonderful guide for those who enjoy growing and preserving as well as for those who enjoy creating.  I was given the awesome opportunity to read this book for blogging for books in exchange for my thoughts.  I consider it a must read and will treasure it for years to come.  For more information Modern Pioneering.