Monday, July 20, 2015

Bedtime Devotions With Jesus

             The sweetest little devotional for children which examines a new bible verse daily.  Speaking in terms a child would understand easily, the author relates a story to further examine the verse.  Actually Bedtime Devotions was created by many pastors and church leaders.  The illustrations are adorable.  This book makes for the perfect bedtime story and learning time between parent and child.  I highly recommend as a gift.  A wonderful way to teach our children the value of God's Love in our life.  I was given the perfect opportunity to review this book for the Book Look Network.

Jessie Minassian's "Unashamed" Helps Young People Break The Silence

                  Unashamed 'Overcoming the Sins No Girl Wants to Talk About' by Jessie Minassian is a tremendous asset for young women today.  This knowledgeable book will help individuals understand that they are not alone and need not isolate. Young people no longer need to suffer in silence.  The most wonderful news is that there is hope.  The author helps the reader find the spiritual tools to break from bondage and free herself of self-hate, anorexia, cutting and other disturbing practices that become addictions.  Ms. Minassian makes a sensitive approach on dealing with those things that what otherwise beset us.  I was given the tremendous opportunity to read and review this book for the Tyndale Blog Network.