Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Contrary to Popular Thought, What Men Really Want

With over two million books sold, Shaunti Feldhahn sheds light on what men really need in her best seller, For Women Only.   Contrary to what we may have heard, sex fills a powerful emotional need in a man even more so than the physical need.  ' '' Men take their role as a provider very seriously, the author states it is the core of a man's identity. In fact, 71% of men say their ability to provide is always or often on their minds.'"  We  all know that most men have a more difficult time expressing inner feelings than women. This stellar book gives all women insight on what really matters to a man.  Above all, respect is at the top of his wish list.  This book is excellent and a real eye-opener to what women may think their man expects of them an what he truly desires.  There is a powerful chapter on what he most wishes he could say to you.  I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to read this book for Blogging for Books Waterbrook Multnomah for sharing my thoughts.  The author also has written For Men Only in this companion series.  With Mother's Day right around the corner, this would make for an awesome gift which enriches relationships.  A Definite Must Read.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Michael Angelo's Renews Spark in Romantic Relationship

Men really don't want a lot, they just want to know that you are thinking about them.  Michael Angelo made this extremely easy for me last night.  My husband got the munchies for a hot snack while watching The Detroit Tigers Ball Game on tv.  I decided to surprise him with the Michael Angelo's Sausage & Mushroom Flatbread I had bought at Walmart.  You get two flatbreads with Carmalized Onions, Mozzarella Cheese & Arrabbiata Sauce.  Now that's Italian and for those who are watching their waistline they are only 270 calories per serving. It only took this cook 15 minutes to prepare these tasty treat baking in the oven.  Now the best part, my husband was so impressed that he showed me special attention for the rest of the night.  So when your loved ones tire of potato chips and nuts give them Michael Angelo's...they will love you for it~

Monday, April 15, 2013

NORTH OF HOPE Will Move Your Soul

Shannon Polson's father and step-mother were on vacation when they were killed by a bear, North of Hope A Daughter's Artic Journey is the author's heartfelt autobiography of her struggle to cope with their deaths.  A year after the tragic event, the author retraces her father's footsteps until that fateful day.  She uses journals and maps that were kept by the victims on their escape to the village of Kaktovik,Alaska.  Immediately I was able to feel akin to the writer because we both reacted to our enormous loss in similar ways.  It's been fifteen years since I lost my own father who I had the pleasure of caring for in his last year.  Although both Shannon and I had to relate to individuals we preferred keeping to ourselves and tried to understand each moment as it came.  This book would prove to be a source of comfort for anyone who has suffered loss.  At the same time,  Shannon does an exceptional job of teaching her reader the customs of Inupiat peoples and portions of their language.  Much thought and heart were woven within the pages of her diary to ensure nothing is a miss.  I am a speed reader but chose to take my time in reading as to enjoy this delicious meal that she has prepared for her fans.  Handlebar Central allowed me to participate in this reviewing.  I will be endeared to them for the opportunity.  It will be one book I look forward to reading again and again.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Shauna Niequist's Bread & Wine

Shauna Niequist's Bread & Wine A Love Letter to Life around the Table With Recipes really hit home for me.  In my younger years, our family lived upstairs from my Grandmother DiFalco who spent the entirety of her days making pasta and meatballs from scratch to serve to family and friends come dinnertime.  Cooking and sharing her meals was her way to show love and there was always plenty to go around the table no matter how many people showed up.  Everybody looked forward to dinnertime where we all enjoyed the meal and sat long afterwards sharing stories of our day.  My uncles always told hilarious jokes and nobody would miss out on being around the table. Of course being raised the way that I was, I followed in my Grandmother's footsteps.  I enjoy cooking and inviting a lot of guests over.  In this way the author won over my heart.  She speaks of the importance of being together and enjoying even a small meal (bread and wine) or whatever you feel to create.  Shauna shares her experiences as well as delights us with many recipes.  The book spoke to me while conjuring up warm memories of many pleasant evenings.  I recommend this book highly to anyone who enjoys entertaining as well as housewives and hostesses.  It was my honor to read this book in exchange for my review for the Handlebar Network.

Cancer Could Not Stop Kristian Anderson's Love

After winning the hearts of Millions via you tube, Kristian Anderson shares his struggle with cancer in his  book, Day's Like These Even in the Darkest Moments Light Can Shine Through.  Kristian surprizes his wife with a video he created for her birthday and he posts it on You Tube to share with the World his undying love for his partner.  Once it went viral, he gains a multitude of fans and well wishers.  Only 34 years old, the young Australian is struck with bowel and liver cancer.  Although receiving this terminal illness diagnosis, Kristian refuses to give up hope and he shares with us his most intimate moments.  Booksneeze gave me the awesome opportunity to read this fascinating story in exchange for my thoughts.  Having lost my best friend and most recently my beloved mother-in-law to cancer Kristian's story was quite therapeutic for me.  I am in awe of his courage and concerns for his loved ones rather than himself.  This book was one of Oprah's favorites, ''He taught us how to LIVE with cancer.  The Light he left on earth will be dimmed by his passing."'  I agree with Ms. Winfrey's sentiment.  Kristian's story will remind us not to take anything for granted and to be grateful whatever our lot may be.  Perhaps the greatest significance of his sharing is that I was able to understand better what the cancer patient goes through.  He writes about chemo and it's aftereffects which even close loved ones don't talk about while they go through this.  It is a stellar read which I highly recommend to all. 

Nick Vujicic's Success Story Will Inspire All to Do The Same

Life Without Limits "Inspiration for a ridiculously Good Life" by Nick Vujicic is the second autobiography that I have read by this stellar character.  His attitude and faith help him overcome the bad hand that his has been dealt with.  Although Mr. Vujicic would probably disagree that it was a bad hand.  Born without any arms or legs does not dissuade him from any goal that he sets forth to accomplish.  His humbleness and thankfulness are miracles to all his readers.  The purpose for his book in his own words are as follows: '"I do believe my life has no limits.  I want you to feel same way about your life, no matter what your challenges may be.  What would your're life be if anything were possible?"'  I am inspired by his excitement for life and always come away feeling badly that my minute problems are nothing in comparison to the road the author had to take.  His story reminds me not to take anything for granted and that others have worse circumstances yet they don't complain. This awesome book which I had the fine opportunity of reading from Walterbrookmulnomah Blogging for Books network in exchange for my review always makes me a better person.  I keep a copy on hand for days I might be having a difficult time.  This book will have an impact on all ages and genre of people, we all could learn something powerfully good from the writer.  Nick has chosen to make his life a life of value and share that with others and he gives honor to God for his strength and courage.  Not only do I recommend this book but deeply feel that you will shortchange yourself by not reading it. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dr. Karp's Practical Solutions~Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep

New York's Times Bestselling Author, Dr. Harvey Karp MD comes to the rescue with his new book, The  Happiest Baby Guide to GREAT Sleep offering simple, down-to-earth advice for the colicky baby; infant crying; tantrums and boosting a good night's sleep.  Let's face it folks, when we don't get our rest we are cranky and short-tempered and our babies suffer in the same way.  Dr. Karp's advice has won the favor of many celebrities; Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer; Jewel and Pierce Bronsnan to name a few.  The book has been translated in more than twenty languages and cherished by millions of parents.  One of the perks of being a One2One member has allotted me the opportunity to review the book in exchange for my honest opinion.  I, too, was amazed at  the doctor's knowledge and feel that this guide would make for a great gift for young parents.  One of the successful techniques he shares is the use of white noise or the noise of a vacuum cleaner which actually soothes little ones. I have seen that some retail stores carry cd's you can buy called white noise specifically for this purpose.  He discusses how bedtime timing is off and parents putting their children to bed when they are not tired.  He suggests giving your child a warm bath, dimming the lights in the bedroom and warming the sheets before tucking them in.  The book is directed at from birth to five years of age but he also has separate chapters for different ages.  It's a stellar resource for all individuals who are taking care of  children.  The author has does an excellent job in covering all the important bases.
Readers can purchase here The Happiest Baby Guide To Great Sleep


The 5 Love Languages for Kids by Dr. Gary Chapman


Award Winning Author, Dr. Gary Chapman teams up with Rick Osborne and Illustrator, Wilson Williams Jr  to create this phenomenal book with interactive website to teach children the values and importance of Love.  Selling more than 7 million copies confirms the success of the #1 New York Best Seller.  The author categorizes the way love is given and received in five forms; words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch.  He has written numerous books not only for children but also adults to teach all ages about the greatest gift of all...charity.  More information can be obtained at The 5 Love Languages Website .  A Perfect Pet for Peyton is the lovely story that I was allowed to review for Moody Press in exchange for my opinions.  The twins, Peyton and Penny are celebrating their birthday and are excited to be going to The Perfect Pet Pal Emporium for their gift.  I was thrilled to see that the children pray throughout their day.  I got attached to this fictional Christian family.  It's a wonderful read for the children to learn respect and manners.  Peyton opens the car door for his mother.  Their parents decide to hold their Birthday party at the Pet Emporium with all their friends. The friends will also  choosing pets for themselves. What's awesome about this peticular place is that it is part zoo, part farm and part aquarium so there is dozens of pets to encounter and choose from.  Without giving away too much of  the story, it centers on the young peoples journey and their great excitement.  It promotes family unity and support.  The Perfect Pet for Peyton is a positive tool for young parents which I highly recommend~