Sunday, February 14, 2016

Marriage Is A Gift

                     With the help from these well known Christian married couples:  Ken & Joni Earickson Tada,
John & Cindy Trent and Jerry and Dianna Jenkins - Gary Chapman and Harold Myra prove you can sail through the second half of your marriage and love it at the same time.
                     The authors confirm that marriage is a beautiful gift and also God's plan.  They have combined seven secrets of resilience to keeping the marriage intact.  This book is awesome.  It's easy to read and the advice is sound.  At the end of each chapter is questions that couples can engage in together.  I was giving the wonderful opportunity to read and review this book for Moody Press.

Carley Roney The Knot Outdoor Weddings is saturated with phenomenal photography

                       Carley Roney The Knot Outdoor Weddings is saturated with phenomenal photography  in between wonderful ideas and practical advice.  She thinks of everything that the bride might not remember such as:  if it is a super hot day to be mindful of the guests with a short ceremony rather than a lengthy one out in the heat.  The Author offers ideas on what type of outdoor wedding you may want to have;  whether it be an estate wedding or beach, mountain, cityscape, or vineyard to name a few.  Depending on the readers choice of venue than there is a selection of decorating, food and entertainment.  There is also a much needed check list also included.  I was impressed by some of the newer ideas on how to decorate. The draped hupa is simply gorgeous.  Another fabulous idea is hanging rose pomanders from trees.  To defray costs Carley suggests fabric flowers which you can make yourself.
Overall this book makes for an excellent resource if you are planning an outdoor wedding.  I got the opportunity to read from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.  Author Bio

Friday, February 5, 2016

In addition to excellent short stories, there is a lot of fun facts to learn from. Hands down, I definitely recommend~

Amish fan's will delight in "An Amish Market" which includes four love novels contributed by Kathleen Fuller, Vannetta Chapman, Amy Clipston and Kelly Irvin.  This is a very impressive collection with extra treasures within it's pages.  Readers will find a mini-glossary of the German dialect spoken by the Amish.  There is a small chapter filled with Amish recipes.  A great feature for book club readers is the added questionaire after each book.  A brilliant add to the "Love Birds" section is an Amish Heirloom family tree which is a real help to it's readers.  Each author has their own feature page with their lists of publications. All these extra little goodies shouted "perfect" to me.  I was given the honor to read and review this book for  Book Look Bloggers. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Perfect Gift For Mother's Who Have Lost Their Baby to Tubal Ligation, Miscarriage or Stillborn.

Kathe Wunnenberg offers much needed compassion in her new publication, "Grieving the Child I Never Knew" which describes in depth the enormous heartbreak one experiences after losing a baby to miscarriage, tubal ligation or stillbirth.  Long overlooked these mothers suffered in silence because others did not understand their grief and anquish.  Ms. Wunnenberg, after suffering three miscarriages, can relate to the scores of women who also anticipated healthy babies and instead go home empty handed.  Her words are gentle and kind and will help families and their loved ones realize  the same grief that others experience when they lose those they cherish.  I
 Thank Ms. Wunnenberg for sharing this devotional because I was among those who didn't know where to go or who to speak to after losing eleven children to miscarriage throughout my first 20 years of marriage.  This is a much needed book and will aide many in the future.  I would like to add, that many of my loved ones felt that it was easier each time I miscarried because of the notion that I had been through this before.  There is nothing further from the truth.  As time passed it became harder to lose my unborn.
   The author shares tools to assist the grieving with prayer and scripture.  There is even a space for journalism.  It is because of stellar resources like these that I appreciate reviewing for Book Look Bloggers.  This would make the perfect sympathy gift for those with recent similar loss.

Jessie Minassian Addresses How the Media Views Beauty Vs The Scripture Definition

           Our young women buy into the lies brought on by the Media about beauty.  Trying to strive for perfection, they fall short of unrealistic goals and end up believing they are ugly and will never meet the bar.  Jessie Minassian tackles these issues which have plagued young adults for ages.  With the aide of scripture she defines the true meaning of beauty.  This author uses reverse psychology (i.e. '"How to Look Ugly"') in order to magnify how ridiculous some of notions society implicates.  She gets an all star review from me for hitting the nail on the head when addressing this topic and re-teaching teens.  This book is complete with questionaires with  room to add honest answers.   I am grateful to have reviewed this publication for Tyndale.  Definitely a book that will help young people accept themselves for who they are.

Monday, February 1, 2016

First Published in 1655; Gurnall's "The Christian In Complete Armour" Still Revelant Today

                    Amazing devotional fully backed up by scripture and an asset to Christians in their daily walk.  The author, William Gurnall, included in his book, how to overcome the enemy of our soul (a subject most minister's will not elaborate on).  Although this book was written in the 1650's, the lessons are still very revelant today.  Here is a phenomenal example.  Gurnall writes, '"Guard Against Discouragement.  Depression is one of Satan's most dynamic weapons to divert you from God's Purpose in your life."'  He goes on to explain some of the Devil's weapons to wear down the Saints.  Anyone who chose to follow God can relate to the experiences shared in this publication.  It is true and encouraging.  It will renew your faith and confirm your journey in serving God.  Clear and concise.  It's very easy to understand.  Kudo's to Moody Press for this superb publication.  One of the best devotional's I have ever read. I am honored to have reviewed for MP.