Sunday, February 19, 2012


Kudo's Purex...finally a simple way to get your clothes bright and clean, so simple that even the husband can do it without asking his wive's assistance.
I was given the awesome opportunity to receive a sample of these triple action squares in exchange for my honest review as a Purex Insider. I honestly have to say, Purex just keeps getting better. They are on the cutting edge of what's best for your laundry but yet not complicated to use. No measuring is involved. Just throw a pack in the laundry (or two) for heavier loads and close the door, start your washer and the rest is up to Purex. The clothes come out smelling fresh and bright. What else could one ask for! Don't miss out, try them out today!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What You Don't Know But Should Know About Me

My readers, in order to understand why it might be a few days in between updates to my blog, it is imperative I tell you a little more about me. In 2005 I was diagnosed with Tarlov Cyst Disease (a debilitating and painful condition which in time erodes the spinal cord and causes damage to one's organs); thus more days than not, I am in much pain. However, for many reasons I chose not to elaborate on my condition until today. For one, it took me a few years to even admit to myself that I had this disease and once I had, I did not want sympathy but now for the sake of supporting other sufferer's I am ready to speak about this condition. I have been fortunate because I was raised in a strong Christian Faith and through prayer and the support of the members of my Church and family I have been able to adjust to this situation. The Love is plenty as well as the support. It is so important that whatever disability, that the family encourages their loved one and helps them to move into their new "life". Only those with similar illnesses truly understand that we can make no promises nor is our life consistant. Unfortunately in 2005, I was forced into retirement with the recommendation of five neurologists. A better part of my day I have to rest or wage a possibility of a "flare up" (a flu like condition which exacerbates this affliction) which can last up to a few weeks. Being the creative individual that I have always been, it is frustrating for me. I dream of what I want to do but am unable to keep up or participate because of the tarlov cysts. So I beg with the reader, please be patient if I am unavailable or am not updating on a daily basis. My thoughts for this blog are more than you can see or time, it will come together. Close friends and relatives have come to learn that I am not always available and many times I am much of a recluse. The time I do spend on line and with my members is a genuine blessing~ a time to shine even for a short while and I am grateful for each and everyone of you. When I am able I hope to update on the powerful resources there are out there for those with any physical handicap and the ways I have learned to positively deal with the chronic pain. God is always so Good and yes, he gives us the strength to cope and enjoy each day no matter what we may have to endure. Everyone, including those who do not have an illness, should focus daily on their Blessings because it is impossible to be depressed when you look at the wonderful things in your life. In my life, the Good far outweighs the bad, I have no reason to complain. For more information and online support about Tarlov Cyst Disease, these links are available

Friday, February 10, 2012

FIERCE BEAUTY ~ Choosing to Stand For What Matters Most

Kim Meeder confirms that there is a beauty which far surpasses that which is seen with the ordinary eye in her novel 'Fierce Beauty Choosing to Stand for What Matters Most'. Merriam-Webster defines this beauty as '"the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit"'. Although the author had to endure many tragedies in her young life, they did not leave her bitter or cold but rather taught her to rely on God and stand up for his promises. I applaud her for this sensational explanation of what should matter most in our lives. This book is highly recommended for all women, especially the young who are struggling to find real self-worth in a world where they are measured by the superficial. The book confirms that we are all beautiful in the Lord's sight and that by doing for him we find meaning and purpose. I am grateful that I got the wonderful opportunity to read and review this novel for Blogging for Books. I intend to purchase more copies for my daughters to enjoy and share with their families.

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Fan Here of "A Life Full of Laughter"

I have found an exciting new blog "A Life Full of Laughter" which is so much fun to follow. Lisa and I have way more in common than she even realizes; perhaps that is the first blog I visit each morning. Gardening; quilting; family...we share the very same passions. You would think she was my long lost sister. Although we are not neighbors (wish we were) we do live in neighboring states...Lisa lives in Ohio and I in Michigan. I wanted to mention this awesome blog so you, also, can become a fan and follow. The rewards are multiple. She lifts your spirits and always has plenty of giveaways to participate in. Don't lose out.