Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Keep Your Man Happy~

When a Woman Loves A Man Pursuing His Heart authored by James Ford Jr. is the perfect tool to read on how to keep your spouse happy.  We live in a generation, sadly, that does not cherish the sacred vows of marriage.  God would not ask us to do something if it were impossible.  My spouse and I hardly ever fight and when He walks into a room my stomach gets butterflies.  Many of the principles that Mr. Ford Jr. outlines for a wife, I have been doing for years.  I was so grateful to read this book supplied to me by Moody Press in exchange for my honest opinion.  Here's some of the divine information, biblically based that is presented in the book by chapter.  Chapter 2 When a woman loves a man, she completes and complements him. 
Chapter 3 states when a woman loves a man, she submits to his headship (this is from scripture); Chapter 4 expounds upon when a woman loves a man she cherishes him.  The author sites examples of what a wife can do daily to strengthen their relationship.  This book is excellent in learning how to look outside of ourselves and do for the other individual.  Wives are directed to be less argumentive and more emotionally supportive.  Give credit when credit is due.  This book is a must have for all young couples and/or those looking to put the spark back in your marriage. 

Lauren Scrugg's ~ Beautiful Inside & Out

As the founder of  LOLO Magazine little did the very gorgeous, Lauren Scruggs know what was awaiting her in the near future.  Not only was she a natural beauty but she would have to summon up all her inward spiritual beauty to survive a horrendous accident where an airplane's propellars cut off her hand and disfigured her face.  Ironically her career centered around appearance.  The rich Christian stories of faith that her parent's taught her would now become her comfort and hope.  A few weeks prior to the accident after breaking up with her boyfriend James, he had a premonition that something awful was going to happen and he begged her to be careful.  While on the airplane, Lauren began to feel overwhelmed with panic and anxiety.  Not understanding why, the only thing she could do was pray.  After surgery, Lauren slips into a coma.  The writer fills us in on young Lo Lo's life.  It wasn't always easy.  She is a twin to Brittany and they are inseparable.  The Scrugg's family faces adultery, divorce and after many prayers remarriage.  The second time around the entire family choose Christ as their main priority.  Christ would also become the reason for Lauren's healing.  This true account will inspire many never to give up in the face of adversity.  Lauren reminds us what true courage is.  She fights to regain her career back and comes back on top.  I am thankful to Tyndale Blog Network for the opportunity to read such a sensational book!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

   Tricia  Goyer's "A Christmas Gift for Rose" was on my must read list because it was not Amish fiction but rather based on a true story.  I jumped on the opportunity from Book Sneeze to read in exchange for my honest review.  I loved this story.  Rose, wanting to respect the Amish, leaves the young man of her dreams after she finds out that he assisted the Englisch during the war.  Soon she finds out that she is an Englischer herself.  Rose is thrown into a place of the unknown, unsure of who she really is and what part her life holds now.  Her loving adopted family gently fills her in on how she came to stay with them and become a part of their own.  It's written easy enough to understand yet still will touch at the reader's heart.  I promise that if you decide to read, you won't be disappointed.