Thursday, February 28, 2013

Heaven Revealed was a God Send

Paul Enns reminds us that there will come a day with no more sorrow and pain in his recent publication of Heaven Revealed. This book which I received from the Publisher, MP Newsroom, in exchange for my honest review couldn't hav ce came at a better timing. I was reading while care-taking my mother-in-law who was in her last stages of lung cancer. She passed away last week and I have reread many chapters of comfort not only for myself but to share with her family. Reading this book makes one excited about the afterlife. Mr. Enns uses scripture to define what we can expect to happen there and what we will be doing. It makes whatever struggle we may be encountering seem minute compared to the joy that awaits us over there for eternity. From my personal experience I would highly recommend to all those who are grieving or experiencing loss. Chapter 5 gives great hope to those who may be suffering from illness by sharing the promise that our bodies will be perfect in Heaven. I will cherish this book and keep it as a tool whenever I need to remember the awesome promise of the afterlife.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

You Have to Feel The Pain In Order to Heal

On February 16th, 2013 at 5:55 am my mother-in-law took her last breathe after struggling with stage four lung cancer. My mother-in-law and I had a bizarre relationship, she was a dear friend of mine. The family found out about her cancer during the Thanksgiving holiday so for us her passing came quite quickly. For years I daydreamed about the time my husband would retire and we could spend more time with his mom, my mom and our families but life doesn't always happen the way we plan. I awake now with this overwhelming sense of sadness and emptyness. The tears come because she won't be back. I don't like the pain nor the sadness, I don't like that she has died and is gone but in order to heal one must feel the grief. I've lost my father, my best girlfriend to pancreatic cancer, my grandparents, some cousins, two brother-in-laws and aunts and uncles and it never gets any easier. Even for Christians. For some people they think that because of our faith, we don't feel the pain. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus who had first-hand knowledge of how grand Heaven is, cried for Mary and Martha when Lazarus died. He wept because he felt their pain. However comforting it is to know we will see our loved ones again in the afterlife we still feel a real loss here. Life will not be the same without our beloved departed. Shirley was a real gem, a rare find and I was blest to be a part of her family. I will ever be grateful for that and noone can take her place. In the meantime I feel like I am on an emotional roller coaster, sometimes sad and than angry that this occurred and than content that she is no longer in chronic pain. You can't stifle your pain or pretend it is not there. Some people turn to drinking and/or drugs which only will mask your feelings for awhile. I know that in time I will be stronger to deal and healed to a point where grief doesn't take up most of my day because death is part of the seasons. In order to heal you must feel the pain and go through being uncomfortable for awhile. Miss you Mom~ <

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Glade's Fragrance Mist Brings The Fresh Scent of Outdoors In

Looking for an incredible way to bring the fresh, outdoorsy scent indoors without spending a fortune?  Glade has succeeded with their new Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter kits and refills. The Johnson family reigns when knowing how to please families, let's face it...they have been doing it for years.  I am fortunate that Bzz Agent gave me the wonderful opportunity to be included on this campaign in exchange for my honest opinion.  I'd like to share a list of the positive attributes of Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist and note I could not find anything that I did not like.  If you are truly interested in trying out Glade's starter kit, leave a comment below.  I only have a limited number which will go quickly.  I will try and accomodate as many as I can.
1.  As seen in the photo above, the fragrance mist comes in a slender attractive container which blends in easily with any decor.
2.  Just one small squeeze and the sweet aroma lasts a long time!
3.  Reasonable price for such an awesome product.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Loreal's Skin Beautifier Brings Back Youthful Glow

   Nothing seemed to camoflauge the deep set dark circles underneath my eyes until I tried Loreal Paris Magic Skin Beautifier.  Accustomed to a familiar brand make up that I had used for years was hindering me from finding what I needed now.  Our skin changes as we age and Thanks to Loreal and She Speaks I got the wonderful opportunity to try it for myself.  I choose the medium lotion which blended nicely in with my coloring.  A bonus factor is Vitamin A & C.  I also got a lot of compliments which convinced me to change over to Loreal Paris.  My skin is dry and I love the hydrated, smooth feel.  Thanks Loreal for this superb Product.  I recommend it highly!

Goodbye to Yesterday~Awesome Amish Fiction!

  New York Times Best selling Author, Wanda E. Brunstetter, presents us with The Discovery Part 1 of 6 in the Lancaster County Saga Series.   For this amish fiction fan, the book  was a big win, leaving me excited to read more.  I am intrigued to learn how this religious sect fares under trials and turmoils and the main characters...Luke and Meredith encounter their share.  Readers will also yearn to find out if their love will survive separation and tragedy.
Lack of communication is one of the top reasons for divorce in our era.  In this Amish Saga, old school Luke Stoltzfus forbid's his loving wife to work after losing his job (the only family income).  Instead Luke shuts down in self-pity.  Meredith fears that anything that she has to say will set her husband off.  Her days are full of walking on eggshells and trying to hide the newly discovered fact that she is pregnant.  Luke feels it is an answered prayer when his Uncle Amo's wants to train him to take over his gravestone engraving business while Meredith is doubtful if it is worth traveling out of state to Indiana for a career her spouse knows nothing about.  The two cannot afford for both of them to go so that means Meredith will be left behind.  Facing obstacles that many married couples encounter really made this book becoming to me.  The book is small and easy to read in less than a couple days but it is also engaging.  I highly recommend this new series and thank Handlebar Cental for the fond opportunity of reviewing.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christ is Real

     Max Lucado's Next Door Savior is another one of his gifts to his readers.  This Author never disappoints and his fan's are aware of the encouragement and joy that he transcends throughout his works.  I had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing his new book through Book Sneeze in exchange for my opinion.  Next Door Savior proves and sights examples of Jesus Christ and his love for us and the reality of having a real relationship with him every single day.  He desires to commune with us and to go with us wherever we go.  I was especially fond of  chapter seven entitled 'What Jesus Says at Funerals'.  The author always uses scripture to back up what he is telling us, which is why I enjoy his books.  Reflecting on John Chapter 11, Max Lucado relates what might have happened if Mary and Martha were attending their brother, Lazarus's funeral.  Without taking away from the beautiful way Lucado creates this scene, he explains what Christ does to sympathize with those who have experienced a tremendous loss.  Jesus weeps.  He weeps along with those who are grieving even though he is well aware of the beauty of the afterlife.  Jesus knows pain, he weeps with us.  Max goes on sharing examples of how Jesus Christ is Alive and how he intervenes with us.  It is an uplifting book which I highly recommend. 

I'm Not Afraid of Anything That Can Happen to Me on This Earth

 Written in a letter to his children and than presented as a legacy of how he lived, Adam Brown (Navy Seal Team Six) stated '"I am not afraid of anything that might happen to me on this Earth because I know no matter what, Nothing can take my spirit from Me."'
   Fearless-The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy Seal Team Six Operator Adam Brown by Eric Blehm is Superb!  My insecurities that this read would be above my head were quickly dissolved within the first few pages of the book.  I commend the author for this easy to understand brilliant writing.  This true account was one of those books I just could not put down.  A special thank you for Walterbrook Multnomah for extending me the opportunity to read in exchange for a honest review.
   Blehm covers Adam's childhood and the principles his parent's raised him on.  The reader gains insight on the makings of a true warrior years before he is in battle.  This soldier seems made to order having these endearing qualities.  Adam's nature was to stand up for the underdog and he was a gentleman to all women, even asking wallflowers to dance with him.  Though small in stature, he was never intimidated by his own size and always wanted to be the one to slay giants.  His own real anxiety was not to displease his parents. As a young adult, he often would appear odd to his friends for not going along with his peers because his first goal was making his parents proud.  There is so much more that I could write about this fine exemplary man but I wanted to focus on his character.  I highly recommend the book for young people and parents although I know everyone would walk away a better person for learning about him and Seal Team Six.  To learn more go to this book link