Friday, March 30, 2012

The Matthew 6:33 Piano Teacher by KM Logan available April 2nd~



       ‘”But seek  ye First the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”’ Matthew 6:13 states and this has always been a favorite verse of mine so I knew immediately when KM Logan asked

me to review her book that it was not by chance but would turn out for me to be a great blessing.   It is with great honor that I share with you what I learned while reading and hope you feel the same excitement that I have from this outstanding  resource.  KM Logan has successfully created a book that covers every aspect on piano teaching that one would need to know to pursue this career all the while reminding her readers of the importance of placing God first during their efforts.  Her passion to glorify God and her love of music combined together makes for a phenomenal read.  Although geared towards future piano teachers, I would recommend this book to all those who have a firm belief in God because it will encourage you to place him first in whatever your field of work.  This alone, made KM Logan’s book stand out to me.  In many ways, this author is a woman after my own heart.  She thinks as I do and it is so refreshing to be a part of her experience.  You will be inspired by her devotion and commitment to do her best.  This work is a testament of her determination.  For those desiring to teach piano, KM Logan outlines every area that you need to consider.  The chapters cover  “what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a piano teacher?”, “what expenses will I have?”, “how should I file taxes?”, “how do I retain students?” and  “what are some inexpensive forms of marketing?” to name a few; KM has all the bases covered.  I am in awe of how precise the book is and know that her readers will be also.  This splendid resource will be available to purchase on April 2. 

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cravebox is the Newest Rage~ Don't Miss Out!

It’s coming. Join us for some fun at the March #Cravebox Twitter Party!
Join us on March 29th @ 9pm EST for our next Cravebox Twitter party, where we’ll be giving away prizes every 10 minutes. Follow #cravebox and join in our chat about making the switch to spring fashion & beauty. We’ll be talking about new fashion styles and make-up for Spring, plus activities and ideas to fill your calendar and make the most of this great time of year. You can win some terrific products from the brands in this month’s Cravebox and a full Cravebox (or two) will also be up for grabs.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Being Creative has been a refuge for me~

I began sewing when I was very young,about five years old . While my childhood friends were asking their parents to buy Barbie clothes for their dolls...I found it much more thrilling to design and sew my own. I mean, I really loved this although I didn't have a clue about sewing and I would hoard all of my mothers safety pins to secure the material around Barbie; I just got a kick out of what I thought I could do. Few individuals know this tidbit about my life. You see, most individuals focus on my writing abilities. Most of my life, I have written about challenges, difficulties and how I overcame painful obstacles in a therapeutic type of way. Although I have won countless awards, been featured in books and magazines this is not my first choice as a creative outlet because it involves thinking and looking at situations that were very uncomfortable for me. My hopes is that my writings shed some light to others who are sitting in dark places and give them courage to fight their adversity because all adversities can be overcome. I write for others, I sew for peace of mind. Quilting takes me away from stress and sorrow. Unfortunately most of my life, I had little time to devote to this personal luxuary because I was either working, going to school and taking care of the family. My girls are grown now and on their own and I was forced into an early retirement due to tarlov cyst disease (a chronic spinal cord condition) so rather than wallow in self-pity I have chosen to go back to those things which I love quilting, creating and yes, writing. As long as the passions of my heart can bring some inspiration to others I will aspire to do my best. One thing I have learned which I would love to pass is very difficult to be depressed when you are busy, especially doing those things which you find meaningful!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Three Hearts Dvd Presented by Samaritan's Purse

Follow the live of Cissie Graham Lynch (Billy Grahams granddaughter)and the Children's Heart Project on their quest to bring help and hope to three young mongolian children and their families. Born with deadly congenital heart defects, these little ones could not otherwise receive the aide they desperately need. Watch in awe how Cissie and a young Texas family go to Mongolia to retrieve the children and fly them to a high tech hospital in San Antonio. This team sacrifices their time and own families to do God's work. This is an inspirational story which demonstrates the charity of God and the rewards of selflessness and determination. This movie makes us take a deeper look at ourselves as Christians. I found myself wondering how far would I go to save a life? Would I be able to give up the comforts of my home and family? Perhaps Billy Graham says it best '"I am very proud of how God has used my granddaughter Cissie to show the love of Jesus Christ to hurting children through this ministry'". I received this dvd with the bonus features from Booksneeze in return for my honest thoughts. A Must See!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Making a Difference for Eternity (A Miracle for Jen by Linda Barrick)

Though just fifteen, Jennifer Barrick had a deep yearning to commit her life to Christ and have it '"Make a Difference for Eternity"'. Her heartfelt thoughts were keep secret in her journal prior to the night that would shaken any strong believer's faith. On the way home from singing in the church choir, her entire family was hit head on by a drunk driver traveling at 80 miles per hour. Jennifer received the brunt of the injuries and was not expected to live through the night. Her sweet, devoted parents were also hurt and in chronic pain (unable to care for her as they desired). As word got out of this horrific accident, the congregation of their Church as well as friends and family did the only thing that they were able to do...and that was to pray. Jennifer having undergone multiple skull fractures and clinging to life slides into a five week coma. Her loving parents go through a roller coaster of emotions while they look to God for the strength and hope to continue going each day. This true account of the Barrick's misfortune will remind us that there is a reason behind everything and even when it is difficult to believe, we must fully submit and rely on the Lord. It is so easy to serve God when times are good and our lives are protected from the problems in this world but only the true believers will survive the trials that we sometimes face in this life. Jennifer's story will move you to tears and also encourage you in ways you have never imagined. I was given the honor to read her book in advance for the Tyndale blog club and I was blown away by the childlike faith and enduring love that Jennifer has for her Savior. The greatest miracle to me is her lack of bitterness over the accident, instead she is full of compassion and concern for others. This beautiful young woman lives a dedicated life with the type of conviction we can all learn from. Each member of her close knit family is transformed because of the accident and God's work is performed in each one with such perfection that makes you stand in awe of their extraordinary faith. Andy Barrick sums the experience up to '"Making Jesus Famous"' which sent me off looking for another box of tissues and her brave mom, Linda Barrick's, quest in finding a cure to make her normal again only to realize that God's ways are always the best. This book is highly recommended for anyone looking for Hope or who has any doubt of God's grace and Love!