Wednesday, October 29, 2014

'"Freeing Your Child from Anxiety"' Is Not The Bible on Panic Disorder

Tamar E. Chansky's book, Freeing Your Child from Anxiety Revised & Updated Edition loudly proclaims the mind over matter approach.  Although there are many rewarding benefits to teaching your children to be positive and to have courage in the wake of panic disorder; I know that it is just not that simple or realistic.  I beg to differ from the writer on a number of stances.  As a recovering agoraphobic I am still on a very small amount of anti-anxiety medication to keep the attacks at bay.  Ms. Chansky  regards medication as a quick fix to be used only on a short term basis.  Please note here that it is imperative a psychiatrist make such determination and prescribe the appropriate medication for each individualized case.  Family doctors are not equipped with all the knowledge about anxiety disorder.  From my personal experience, medication alone will not resolve the deep seated issues relative to panic disorder.  The best resolution for long term success is cognitive therapy along with medication.  Group therapy does wonders in supporting individuals with this affliction.  The author of the above book also downplays the significance that genetic's play in diagnosing anxiety disorder.  She believes that panic is a physiological response yet it is included in the DSM III manual of Mental Disorders.  My argument here being that for years depressed people have been told that if they only change their thoughts by those ignorant to the complexity of chemical imbalances in the brain.  This way of thinking is regarded among those who are have no clue about mental disorders and has made it near impossible to go beyond the stigma that still exists today.  My father suffered from anxiety and panic disorder his adult life and by choice he never sought treatment.  I after struggling with housebound agoraphobia for four years found an amazing psychologist who was willing to do housecalls until I was confident enough to get to his office.  Within two years of therapy and medication I was able to make a 180 degree and live a normal life.  I went back to college and made it on the Dean's list followed by a rewarding career.  I also now take solo trips around the United States.  My daughter was recently diagnosed with panic disorder and agoraphobia and she has began treatment.  None of us had any symptoms until we were in our early twenties which for me discounts this book largely on the fact that children are way too young to appropriately be diagnosed with anxiety disorder due to their bodies are still changing.  My review would give this new book a C+ in grading.  Tamar Chansky Ph.D. enlighten's the audience with the meanings of different anxiety disorders and I am impressed with the support victims receive through family members as outlined in this book.  I was given the opportunity to review for Blogging for Books.  To learn more about the author  Tamar Chansky Ph.D ~

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sarah Francis Martin Teaches Us How To Set Ourselves Aside and Let Jesus Rise Up!

After reading a book review on JUST RISE UP~A Call To Make Jesus Famous, I couldn't wait to read it and I also wanted to befriend the author.  Sarah Francis Martin has got it, she knows what the secret of true contentment really is and she shares her wisdom in her new book.  I listened to the Inscribed Author Webinar this past week in hopes of learning more from this devoted christian.  If we follow by her recommendations we will surely become the salt of the earth which the world needs now during it's dark hours.  The writer challenges each reader to become totally selfless and to promote Jesus, her words "A Call to Make Jesus Famous".  She addresses how we can find the courage by using scripture.  Martin breaks down Psalm 145 to help us understand it's implications.  I admire the author's passion for Christ.  This book is much like a revival, the words excite you enough to get involved and put on the whole army of God.  I feel so blessed that I was able to review this book for the BookLook Bloggers, 

A Stellar Tool For Those Struggling With Infertility & Miscarriage

BARREN AMONG THE FRUITFUL~Navigating Infertility with Hope, Wisdom and Patience by Amanda Hope Haley is a must read for all those facing the struggles and heartbreak of infertility and miscarriage.  This awesome book can also bring encouragement and inspiration to all others facing lifes difficulties and how to learn to cope when your desire does not become a reality.  Another great tool in the Inscribed Series which I was given the honor to review for BookLook Bloggers.  I personally wish that this asset was available during my child baring years in which I suffered eleven miscarriages.  The emotional roller coaster parents face can be devastating; especially when they feel they are alone.  I am thankful that my prayers were answered in that I was able to deliver two healthy daughters through high risk pregnancies.  Amanda Hope Haley develops an immediate bond with her readers.  Addressing the many concerns and conflicts families face in like situations allows her to reach out in compassion and understanding and give them the hope and encouragement to continue on.  Her Faith is contagious and welcomed.

Finding Our Purpose With Ashley Linne's INSEPARABLE Study Guide

               As women, living in the last days it is often difficult to find out what our purpose is and what God expects of us.  I was given the awesome opportunity to review Ashley Linne's INSEPARABLE as a member of BookLook Bloggers and this outstanding read helps define our roles.  The Author aides us with a roadmap for developing a Christ Like identity by using the book of Roman's.  Through her personal experience, studying the scriptures and answering questions we will all gain a better perspective of who we were and who we will be in Christ.  I was also honored to listen in on the Inscribed Author Chat this past week where I discovered the author to be so sincere and down to earth.  She discussed difficulties that we may all encounter in life but how we can have the confidence in God to help us through each situation,  Learning that the author experiences the same trials as us all really made me enjoy her series that much more.  Inseparable is a must have for all those who Love the Lord.

Delivering The Message Of Love At Christmas Through A Child's Eye

Little ears need a special way to understand Bible implications.  Veggie Tales and ZonderKidz make learning fun with Author Karen Poth in "Yuletide Ice Cube Fair."  The writer takes our toddlers (ages 2-4) on a magical journey to discover the true meaning of Christmas.   In their perfect way the story is not too long to lose little one's attention and is exploding with plenty of bright illustrations.  I highly recommend this book as the perfect gift for your children and grandchildren this upcoming holiday 2014.  I was given the fine opportunity to rate and review for BookLook Bloggers,

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mission Belts Spell Success, Get On Board

This product was provided for this post as part of an opportunity with The Brand Connection.
      First impressions for Manager Harold Dickson must be successful and He takes his appearance seriously.  The stigma of the stiff old boss is long gone.  Instead, Harold chooses to stay in trend to appeal to both the young and the old.  Dickson found that the Yank Mission Belt was the perfect accessory to complete his classy but professional look.  Mission belts offer the appearance of prestige with a comfortable fit and durability.  As an added bonus, for every belt sold, a family gets fed.  Mission Belts fight Global Hunger.
Mission belts won acclaim for no holes.  My spouse attested to the perfect fit provided by using the latch.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Importance of Allowing Our Children To Be Children

In Johann Christoph Arnold's "Their Name Is Today, Reclaiming Childhood", she focuses on the difficulties young ones experience in growing up too fast.  Play is so important that she devotes an entire chapter on this subject,  She also addresses the facts that perhaps there would be less violence if parents would put their children at the top of their priorities.  This book gets the reader thinking, hopefully before it is too late.  By spending quality time with our children and by putting our love for them into action, we may never have to experience the problems of violence and suicide once they become adults.  Somehow the media has twisted the definition of childhood by forcing kids to participate in areas that they are not ready to master.  Sadly, our society has the very young worried about whether they are sexy enough.  The young people today know things I was unaware of until I became an adult.  This book is a resolve for parents everywhere wanting to change the tide of things by offering tips and ideas on how to bring childhood back.  I was given the opportunity to rate this book for Handlebar Bloggers.