Monday, January 30, 2012

The Stories Behind Our Most Loved Hymns

Robert J. Morgan's THEN SINGS MY SOUL BOOK 3 is the last in his beloved series. This wonderful compilation is just as uplifting and inspiring as the songs themselves that we grew up loving. Read the true accounts of the authors and what motivated them into writing their lyrics and music. I was more than pleased to learn that I would be receiving this book from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review. For me, as a young girl growing up in the church, music and hymns found a special place in my heart. I learned about my God and all his greatness through the words of the hymns which often brought me to tears of joy. I could relate to Jesus through the tremendous melodies and would be caught often humming my favorite tunes. To have the greatest opportunity to read the stories behind the music was thrilling and exciting. Robert J. Morgan's Then Sings My Soul will always remain a favorite read for me. Not only do I recommend but I implore others to read these wonderful experiences which will only draw them nearer to their maker and deeper in understanding and respect for the writers. It's a phenomenal book, one that I will refer to often. A great big thank you to Book Sneeze for the awesome opportunity!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Winners are in for the Farm Hussy Giveaway. Annamarie came in 1st Place and Elaine C came in 2nd. Don't fret more giveaways coming soon~

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Purex & Jockey ~ Don't Sweat The Small Stuff (Discount Coupon!)

Purex & Jockey have gotten together to make your workouts less stressful Ladies! Jockey's 2012 Tech Terry Performance Sports Bra is so comfortable and helps you stay cool and dry. As a Purex and Jockey Insider I got a chance to try it out and this bra is one you don't want to do without! No longer sweat the small stuff, pick up one for yourself today. Here's a 20% off discount especially for my readers (Click on above title)
Also, Ladies Purex Crystals fabric softener keeps your clothes smelling heavenly fresh. I love using these, the scent lasts for weeks not just for a day and they are easy on all your clothing!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Valentines Day Giveaway~

I am totally honored to present my 1st giveaway for 2012 by introducing my followers to my very favorite online bath and beauty shoppe FARM HUSSY
Not only has Julie created some of the sweetest all natural products but she is one of the very rare individuals who truly cares about all her customers. She bends over backwards and pours love into all of her products. Julie has so many natural gifts and one that I admire most is her pure humor and ability to lift anyone out of the dumps. You'll definitely notice this by visiting her cute website and commenting to win below. Since I am new to this I only have a few requirements for you to be considered entered.
#1 Be a follower of my Blog....
#2 Go to Farm Hussy Note: Get there by clicking on title of this post and come back and post what you enjoyed most about it (i.e. certain wording, awesome prices ext) in the comment section below
There will be two winners. 1st place will win a package of 5 of her awesome products. 2nd place will receive 4.
This contest will run until January 23...midnight!
Enjoy everyone!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dr. James L. Marcum, MD Shares Biblical Healing tools in "The Ultimate Prescription"

Named by USA TODAY as one of the most influential physicians in his field, Dr. James L Marcum,MD is not only a board-certified cardiologist but a firm believer in God's word. He practices both the spiritual and natural ways of making ourselves whole. He conveys in his writing that too many doctors are too quick to prescribe medications than get to the root of the real problem that causes ailments. For example: not enough exercise; eating the wrong types of foods and too much stress. Dr. Marcum shows the readers how the Bible gives us the answers on what we must do to stay physically fit. Additives and soft drinks should be replaced by fresh foods and plenty of water on a daily basis. He also correlates how this all affects our emotional well-being. His advice is sound and down-to-earth yet requires a lifestyle change. Too many individuals want a quick fix and to walk down the wide path which is easier. Dr. James L Marcum, MD tells us the truth, a truth which may save our life. I admire the doctor for supplying this information and going against the grain.
I had the wonderful opportunity to review this book from the Tyndale blogging community in exchange for my thoughts.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stephen Arterburn's "The Encounter"

Abandoned by his mother at age four, Jonathan Rush uses his anger to become a wealthy entrepreneur until he comes to the crossroad's where he must face and deal with the haunting pain of rejection from his past. Stephen Arterburn draws the reader in to this moving novel and creates a scenerio so real that we are eager to follow. With more than 8 million books in print, he is an expert in his field. This novel proves that God can touch anyone's heart and make the broken whole again. It exemplifies the power of forgiveness and the miracle that occurs in a person's soul. I highly recommend this triumphant saga. It was my great pleasure to review this book for Booksneeze in exchange for my thoughts. You are welcome to join by using the button to the right of this column.