Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More Rewards From Kroger for Buying Your Gift Cards There

Take it from me, KROGER's is where to buy those gift cards so you don't lost out on multiple rewards. I bought two of my granddaughter's Mp3 players for Christmas and the majority of teenager's use iTunes to download their music.  So, of course, this grandmother had to get this accessory for both of the girl's.  Before I went to Kroger's I checked out their website and found out that buying them with Kroger's coupon gave me Save $10.00 on Groceries When you buy either TWO (2) $25 iTunes Gift Cards or TWO (2) $25 iTunes App Gift Cards. So not only did I receive 4x the fuel rewards but I got $10.00 in FREE groceries also!  So I picked up some needed staples:  bread, milk and pop at no cost.  For my faithful readers I have included this link which you should check out before going to get the gift cards Kroger's Bonus Coupon's for Gift Cards..  Merry Christmas all~A special thank you to Bzz Agent for this wonderful promotion,

Buying Gift Cards From Krogers Gives You 4X in Fuel Rewards

The Christmas Gift With Rewards

Kroger is rewarding their customer's who are buying their gift cards at their store.  Each gift card you purchase equals 4x fuel points for you.  Not only have I made a good fortune in fuel points from buying gift cards for the teen aged grandkids and son's and daughter-in-laws but I took a tip from fellow Bzz Agents by buying gift cards upfront to use on gifts I was going to buy anyway.  I bought cards for Target and Walmart and purchased christmas presents at those stores which doubled my rewards.  This is the week where most individuals are stuck on buying for the hardest people to get ont their lists.  Everybody can use gift cards.  Don't miss out. Just think how much you can save on gas in the next couple weeks.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bodie Hodge Confirms Jesus Christ is The Only Reason for Christmas

Bodie Hodge, Author of The War on Christmas, bravely confronts those individuals who oppose the religious significance of this Holiday by viewing it as politically incorrect or untrue. I applaud him for using the Word of God as a weapon against  non-believers.  Step by step he guides the reader  through the time Jesus Christ was born and how the celebration of Christmas came about; including how it got the name.  The amount of scriptural evidence will disprove that this day was meant to be a Pagan event which left Christ out of the focus.  Hodge's in depth studies confirm this to be contrary to History.  The author also succeeds in clarifying a multitude of questions surrounding the Birth of Christ which atheist rely on to weaken the Truth.  I am quite fond of this book and all the lesson's I learned while reading.  For all Christians, it is an excellent reference tool to keep on hand and I definitely recommend.  As a Member of Handlebar Publishing I was given The War on Christmas in exchange for my honest review.