Monday, August 29, 2016

A Definite Must Read for those Facing Adversity

                   Chase Away Cancer is the riveting story of the Ewoldt family.  Their young son is diagnosed with terminal cancer and even in their darkest nights they refuse to give up on hope.  They will put us. who have very little to complain about in life, to shame and grateful that our lot is not as heavy.  They will give encouragement to others facing tremendous trial.  They will remind us about Miracles and hope and love.
The author, Ellie Poole Ewoldt, brings the families reality to light and we find ourselves fighting along with them.  I am grateful having had the fine opportunity to review this book for Tyndale Blog Network.  A Definite Must read~

Sunday, August 28, 2016

God's Glory Throughout Fall

                        Kim Washburn relates all the wonderful things children can be thankful for during the Fall season.  The book is seasoned with adorable images by Jacqueline East.  It's fun and perfect for story telling to create happy hearts in children and also the young at heart.  Many times I find that these sweet books make treasures for adults also.  They are so magical but true.  I am looking forward to adding this story to my grandchildren's gift lists.  I was given the marvelous opportunity to review for Book Look Bloggers. A+

Monday, August 15, 2016

One Day At A Time, Celebrating Recovery Devotional

Johnny Baker MacOwen & John Baker take ordinary things in our everyday lives to bring about short stories and lessons to help on the addicts way to recovery.  Statistic's show only a 6% success rate of complete turn arounds.  Understanding the minds of addicts of self-deprevation and doubt these auhors prove with scripture; the Love God has for all His children and how He desires to walk and heal His children.  They highlight Jesus Christ for going to the cross for everyone's sins. This sincere devotional offers stepping stones for the reader to find success in their new lives.  This 25th Aniversary Edition contains the tools for the prodigal returning home who needs a strong spiritual base.  I am honored to have reviewed this book in exchange for my thoughts by Book Look Blogger's.  It will enhance the lives of addict's seeking comfort and growth.  I highly recommend.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Inspirational Coloring

             Multnomah's God Bless America 'A Patriotic Coloring Book' was laying eloquently across our coffee table when my mother flew in on an emergency trip to Michigan from Florida.  The moment my mother caught it's gaze, she was thrilled.  Wanting this masterpiece for myself, I asked my mother if she realized it was a coloring book.  And than came her words, "But you bought it for me, didn't you?'.  No I hadn't said that but she had a way of making me believe it.  After all mom came in to help me after my first heart attack.  Yes, at the young age of 60 I endured a heart attack on June 16, 2016.  It's the least I can do (give her the book) to show my appreciation.  The inspirational quotes and biblical messages would bring her comfort in the days ahead.  Multnomah is one of my favorite Christian Publishing houses.  I was offered the opportunity to read this best seller for Book Look Bloggers in exchange for my view.