Tuesday, December 17, 2013

More Rewards From Kroger for Buying Your Gift Cards There

Take it from me, KROGER's is where to buy those gift cards so you don't lost out on multiple rewards. I bought two of my granddaughter's Mp3 players for Christmas and the majority of teenager's use iTunes to download their music.  So, of course, this grandmother had to get this accessory for both of the girl's.  Before I went to Kroger's I checked out their website and found out that buying them with Kroger's coupon gave me Save $10.00 on Groceries When you buy either TWO (2) $25 iTunes Gift Cards or TWO (2) $25 iTunes App Gift Cards. So not only did I receive 4x the fuel rewards but I got $10.00 in FREE groceries also!  So I picked up some needed staples:  bread, milk and pop at no cost.  For my faithful readers I have included this link which you should check out before going to get the gift cards Kroger's Bonus Coupon's for Gift Cards..  Merry Christmas all~A special thank you to Bzz Agent for this wonderful promotion,

Buying Gift Cards From Krogers Gives You 4X in Fuel Rewards

The Christmas Gift With Rewards

Kroger is rewarding their customer's who are buying their gift cards at their store.  Each gift card you purchase equals 4x fuel points for you.  Not only have I made a good fortune in fuel points from buying gift cards for the teen aged grandkids and son's and daughter-in-laws but I took a tip from fellow Bzz Agents by buying gift cards upfront to use on gifts I was going to buy anyway.  I bought cards for Target and Walmart and purchased christmas presents at those stores which doubled my rewards.  This is the week where most individuals are stuck on buying for the hardest people to get ont their lists.  Everybody can use gift cards.  Don't miss out. Just think how much you can save on gas in the next couple weeks.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bodie Hodge Confirms Jesus Christ is The Only Reason for Christmas

Bodie Hodge, Author of The War on Christmas, bravely confronts those individuals who oppose the religious significance of this Holiday by viewing it as politically incorrect or untrue. I applaud him for using the Word of God as a weapon against  non-believers.  Step by step he guides the reader  through the time Jesus Christ was born and how the celebration of Christmas came about; including how it got the name.  The amount of scriptural evidence will disprove that this day was meant to be a Pagan event which left Christ out of the focus.  Hodge's in depth studies confirm this to be contrary to History.  The author also succeeds in clarifying a multitude of questions surrounding the Birth of Christ which atheist rely on to weaken the Truth.  I am quite fond of this book and all the lesson's I learned while reading.  For all Christians, it is an excellent reference tool to keep on hand and I definitely recommend.  As a Member of Handlebar Publishing I was given The War on Christmas in exchange for my honest review.                                                                                                                                                        

Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Keep Your Man Happy~

When a Woman Loves A Man Pursuing His Heart authored by James Ford Jr. is the perfect tool to read on how to keep your spouse happy.  We live in a generation, sadly, that does not cherish the sacred vows of marriage.  God would not ask us to do something if it were impossible.  My spouse and I hardly ever fight and when He walks into a room my stomach gets butterflies.  Many of the principles that Mr. Ford Jr. outlines for a wife, I have been doing for years.  I was so grateful to read this book supplied to me by Moody Press in exchange for my honest opinion.  Here's some of the divine information, biblically based that is presented in the book by chapter.  Chapter 2 When a woman loves a man, she completes and complements him. 
Chapter 3 states when a woman loves a man, she submits to his headship (this is from scripture); Chapter 4 expounds upon when a woman loves a man she cherishes him.  The author sites examples of what a wife can do daily to strengthen their relationship.  This book is excellent in learning how to look outside of ourselves and do for the other individual.  Wives are directed to be less argumentive and more emotionally supportive.  Give credit when credit is due.  This book is a must have for all young couples and/or those looking to put the spark back in your marriage. 

Lauren Scrugg's ~ Beautiful Inside & Out

As the founder of  LOLO Magazine little did the very gorgeous, Lauren Scruggs know what was awaiting her in the near future.  Not only was she a natural beauty but she would have to summon up all her inward spiritual beauty to survive a horrendous accident where an airplane's propellars cut off her hand and disfigured her face.  Ironically her career centered around appearance.  The rich Christian stories of faith that her parent's taught her would now become her comfort and hope.  A few weeks prior to the accident after breaking up with her boyfriend James, he had a premonition that something awful was going to happen and he begged her to be careful.  While on the airplane, Lauren began to feel overwhelmed with panic and anxiety.  Not understanding why, the only thing she could do was pray.  After surgery, Lauren slips into a coma.  The writer fills us in on young Lo Lo's life.  It wasn't always easy.  She is a twin to Brittany and they are inseparable.  The Scrugg's family faces adultery, divorce and after many prayers remarriage.  The second time around the entire family choose Christ as their main priority.  Christ would also become the reason for Lauren's healing.  This true account will inspire many never to give up in the face of adversity.  Lauren reminds us what true courage is.  She fights to regain her career back and comes back on top.  I am thankful to Tyndale Blog Network for the opportunity to read such a sensational book!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

   Tricia  Goyer's "A Christmas Gift for Rose" was on my must read list because it was not Amish fiction but rather based on a true story.  I jumped on the opportunity from Book Sneeze to read in exchange for my honest review.  I loved this story.  Rose, wanting to respect the Amish, leaves the young man of her dreams after she finds out that he assisted the Englisch during the war.  Soon she finds out that she is an Englischer herself.  Rose is thrown into a place of the unknown, unsure of who she really is and what part her life holds now.  Her loving adopted family gently fills her in on how she came to stay with them and become a part of their own.  It's written easy enough to understand yet still will touch at the reader's heart.  I promise that if you decide to read, you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Calling all Disney fans!

               Through the years "Disney" has brought families together and made beautiful memories.  Just in time for Christmas they have given us another reason to celebrate.... The new
"Disney Classic's" boxed set contains 90+ of our Disney favorite tunes.  PRE-ORDER TODAY
Disney Classics
From The Studio's earliest days, music has always been an integral part of the Disney creative process. But when 'Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf' debuted in 1933, it began a musical legacy that remains unmatched to this day. Disney Classics Box Set is a music collection that represents this legacy.

Timeless Classics
Collected here are some of the most iconic melodies from Disney's golden era. From 'When You Wish Upon a Star' to 'A Spoonful of Sugar' and 'Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah' to 'The Whistle Stop,' these Timeless Classics are part of a musical heritage inextricably woven into our human culture heirlooms passed down through the generations.

Modern Classics
This compilation begins with 1989's The Little Mermaid, which not only ignited the renaissance of Disney Animation and storytelling, but a rebirth of Disney Music as well. Favorites from 'Under the Sea,' 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'A Whole New World,' these Modern Classics continue to shape the company's musical history and heritage.

Television Classics
Spanning from the 1950s to present day, this album represents quite an eclectic compilation of themes. At the very least, it's an interesting musical graph of changing tastes and social evolution over the last 60+ years. Everything from 'The Ballad of Davy Crockett,' to 'Get'cha Head in the Game' from High School Musical, is represented on this album, but probably the most beloved of these Television Classics however, has to be the 'Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater.'

Theme Park Classics
Music plays a vital role in the Parks as well; whether it be cleverly establishing an attraction's story or the sheer brilliance of underscoring the banks and turns of a thrilling roller coaster. Collected here are not only those Theme Park Classics we know and love today, but others we fondly remember from days gone by.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Amazon.com: Disney Classics: Music

Amazon.com: Disney Classics: Music  Now is the time to Celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Disney Music.  Just in time for the Holidays.  Pre-Order today.   Available November 11, 2013

Monday, October 7, 2013

Read up~Not Your Typical Amish Fiction Romance

Amanda Flower's second book in the Appleseed Creek Mystery series has received much applause and high recommendations which goes to show how diverse we all are from one another.  Ordinarily I am a big fan of Amish fiction but I found it hard to decifer the difference between the characters in this book from everyday individuals (what the Amish would call us "English").  I felt hoodwinked by the author to read a book about the Amish when there were hardly any mention of the Amish.    Within the first few pages of the first chapter we discover that the main character, Timothy has left the Amish as well as his younger sister.  The pages detail cell phones, computers and even using google.  By all means, there is nothing wrong with these things but I was looking forward to reading about the Amish lifestyle.  I was turned off right away and just couldn't get into the storyline.  I don't want to downplay the author because it is a matter of personal preference.  I examined this book for
Handlebar Review.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The PERFECT Remedy for Conflicted Souls~

 As a member of Tyndale Network I chose Dr. Reggie Anderson's "APPOINTMENTS WITH HEAVEN" to review with great anticipation to read of the experiences he embraces with those passing on.  These true accounts for me would become the icing on the cake.  His book has much more to offer.  Never before was I so enchanted with each aspect of a book that I deliberately took time to read and re-read my favorite parts.  I wanted to savor in what the writer was telling us without missing anything.  I enjoyed being a part of the doctor's journey from early childhood to adult.  Perhaps because I could relate so well with him, I found that the author and I come from similar backgrounds.  We were both born with a spiritual spoon in our mouths surrounded by a loving, Christian family and very protected by the harshness of the world around us.  Dr. Anderson's childhood was filled with guidance; incredible support; joy and discipline.  His faith was strong during those early years.  When a family of beloved friends are murdered his faith is shattered.  He can't comprehend that a loving God could allow such an evil act to come upon people who have always put him first.  So the young Reggie concludes that there must not be a God.  This book is the perfect remedy for all those who have lost the faith or individuals who ever doubted that there is a God.  As a young man, Reggie choses to believe in Science until he finds that it really isn't the answer.  A miracle happen's to send this prodigal back to his first love, God.  Not wanting to reveal what happens, I recommend all to get a copy of this outstanding biography.  I just couldn't put it down. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

'"God Made You Beautiful Just The Way You Are'" Peter Lamas

Peter Lamas is a man after many women's hearts; he knows what moves and motivates us and he has created a successful skin and haircare line that truly brings out our best.  Most recently he has
created an inspirational website with you in mind Project Beautiful .  Peter's goal is in sharing how to feel good about yourself (not only outwardly but inwardly also).  At Project Beautiful you can read his blog, make new friendships, ask questions and connect with his facebook videos and enter Giveaways  Peter Lamas Beauty on Facebook . I absolutely love going to his website because there is something encouraging to be found there every single day. 
I was fortunate enough to be able to try some of Peter Lamas newest products and after using, I am now an instant huge fan. All his products can be found at Peter Lamas Website .
The Peter Lamas Naturals Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub is for all skin types.  It leaves my face feeling tickling clean.  The scent is heavenly.  The features and benefits of using this scrub are in his own words
  • Pumpkin Enzymes - Penetrates deep into pores to remove dirt and excess oil.
  • Apple + Almond Acid - Dissolves dirt and oil buildup that can cause breakouts.
  • Apricot Grains - Gently exfoliates away debris and dead skin cells to reveal a more luminous complexion.
  • Pumpkin Oil - Provides nourishing hydration without clogging pores for softer, smoother-looking skin.
  • Vitamin E - Neutralize free radicals and protect skin from cellular damage. .  Llamas has been able to use natural botanicals which are 100% vegan in all of his products making them safe for all skin types.  I rate this scrub an A+.
    I also choose to try Peter Lamas Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner for Chemically treated, Dry or Damaged Hair.  They are environment friendly and an ancient herb remedy he updated for use for today.  I was so impressed with this combination treatment for damaged locks.  This is the only shampoo where I did not have to suffer with fly away hair afterwards.  It was silky smooth and seemed to hold my hairstyle better.  This is Peter Lamas Soy & Baobab Oil line.  I highly recommend.  This is part one of my Peter Lamas blog, will continue later this week.

    Sunday, September 8, 2013

    Farm Hussy~Affordable Gifts For That Special Loved One~ And a Giveaway

    Farm Hussy carries top of the line natural products at a very reasonable cost.  It's time for me to re-introduce my favorite bath and body online store.  Don't just take my word for it
    Julie Chandler makes her very own products NATURALLY  and she bends over backwards to please all of her customers.  I am so humbly honored to know this special lady that I would like to take a few moments to have my readers get to know her also.  Julie is a giver and she has a huge heart wherein everything she does she puts in a 110 percent.  Last year, she battled breast cancer and instead of feeling sorry for herself....she documented her progress to her facebook friends with photos of each stage.  Many times, she shared silly upbeat sayings that made you want to cry with thankfulness that she had such a positive attitude.  During this time, her sweet sister also got diagnosed with the same breast cancer disease.  For someone carrying so much you, she still was a daily inspiration and joy for all who know her.  She lovingly asked that I have our church pray for her and they still pray for her lovely family until today.  Julie has recovered.  She's back to selling her wonderful products on Farm Hussy.  Stay tuned for a Farm Hussy Giveaway I will be holding later this week.  In the meantime check out her store, if you snooze you lose!

    Billy Graham in Quotes

       At 92 years old, Billy Graham is still reaching out to individuals to find true contentment in giving their lives over to God.  In this newest project, "Billy Graham in Quotes" Franklin Graham and Thomas Nelson gather his most thought provoking quotes (covering seven decades of  ministry) to inspire those with a listening ear.  As a fan of quotes, I believe these truly will make an impact on the reader.  Billy Graham does not mince words but boldly states the truth as found in the Bible.  This book contains many chapters with quotes on numerous subjects which still afflict individuals.  To name a few:  addiction; abortion; anger; anxiety; angels; compromise; death; grief and grace are just a spec of the subjects embarked upon.  With 433 pages altogether, this book is great to serve as a tool to have as you experience different difficulties in life.  It does not necessarily have to be read straight through.  I encourage those who struggle with reading to buy this book as you can gain a lot of knowledge by reading small chapters.  I have had the wonderful privilege of reviewing this book for Book Sneeze online.  Yes, I recommend~


    Tuesday, August 6, 2013

    Unveiling Grace Unravels Many Questions About The LDS Belief's

    As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ-The Restored Gospel I made every effort to receive a copy of the book by Lynn K. Wilder "Unveiling Grace".  I got the wonderful opportunity as a member of Booksneeze.  Since I was a young person many of my acquaintances assumed I was
    a member of that Mormon church and I needed Unveiling Grace  to understand more fully about the LDS church.  Outside of reading The Book of Mormon our similarities end there.  Ms. Wilder's book tells of her own experiences within the LDS community along with her family's.  There are multiple books that they use together which outline their Faith, some of which are The Pearl of Great Price and The Doctrine and Covenants.  Having read the Book of Mormon, countless times, I found it ironic that their subsequent books go completely against what the Book of Mormon states.  I never heard of the 'baptism of the dead' until I read this book among many of their other practices.  Because of my upbringing I was disturbed by many of the LDS ordinances.  I am grateful for the book in that I did learn a lot which I otherwise would not have known.  I am happy that the author was able to find the courage to go against the grain and walk out of this situation.  This book has further enhanced my own faith and understanding of the Book of Mormon. 

    The Outcast by Jolina Petersheim Is a Book You Won't Want to Put Down

    The Outcast by Jolina Petersheim will keep you reading into the wee hours of the night.  Meet Rachel Stoltzfus who was raised in the Old Order Mennonite community who shuns her once her secret of a pregnancy out of wedlock spreads.  Her biggest accusers , one being the bishop confronts his own secrets of sin will it change his heart?  Will he find forgiveness and embrace Rachel and her child?  This book will bring out raw emotions in you as you feel the abandonment that Rachel encounters.  She refuses to name the father to protect him.  Would you do the same.  The book is somewhat lengthy but with the cooler months ahead of us, this would make for the perfect read.  I had the great pleasure of reviewing for the Tyndale Network. 

    Depression~Why You Just Can't Snap Out of It

            If you have ever been plagued by the dark clouds of depression and felt that there was no more hope or nowhere to turn, Gregory L. Jantz PHD will help you understand the pitfalls of this chemical imbalance and how you can appropriately get the help you need.  This book is also highly recommended to those who have family members with this disease.  Contrary to popular belief, an individual with a mental disorder cannot just wish it away although well meaning friends and relatives will expect them to do so.  This stellar book will open your eyes to the fact that depression is a chemical imbalance which needs to be treated appropriately by a psychiatrist and/or psychologist.  Depending on the degree and determination of the type of depression, most likely the doctor will prescribe anti-depressants and therapy.  The important fact is to realize, the afflicted can get better.  Many who have went through treatment are more content in their lives than those who never experienced the difficulties they went through.  Dr. Jantz outlines all the symptoms of depression so that the reader can interact.  He includes written lessons for the victim to do as well as giving them questions on what they have learnt.  This book will prove to be a blessing to all those who read it.  I was given the pleasure to review from Walterbrook Multnomah Blogging For Books Program.

    Alone Yet Not Alone, A True Story Made into Movie about a Kidnapping and Faith in God~

        Winner of 5 Dove Awards and approved for ages 12 and up, Alone Yet Not Alone is everything a family needs to see.  A loving family who work hard together during the time English colonies are entangled in war.  Two innocent sisters are caught by the enemy and held captive, their comfort coming from a family hymn and putting their Faith into practice.  Copies of the book are available here Buy the book.  To obain tickets for the movie Purchase tickets .  Check out the movie trailer and more Website .  Don't miss out, obtain your tickets in advance for this milestone featuring our Nation's history.

    Sunday, July 21, 2013

    Only Purex Brings The Fresh Scents Of the Outdoors Inside Your Home

    The New Purex Fabric Softener Sheets contain 3X the fragrance of previous sheets and they are not embellishing.  The day I received my box from Purex Insiders, both of my daughter-in-laws were visiting when I brought in my mail.  They both asked me at once what the wonderful scent was before I got a chance to open my kit.  Once I did, Purex won over two new customers.  My box is Mountain Breeze and I cannot wait to try Sweet Lavender.  I hurried to throw in a load of laundry to try out my new fabric softener sheets.  I cannot put into words how lovely my entire home smells after drying the laundry when using Purex.  Ok, on to more positive aspects of Purex Fabric Softener Sheets.  I have three pets...a dog and two cats; hallelujah! The sheets repel pet hair and lint.  This fact made my husband ecstatic as in the past his dress pants were always covered with cat hair no matter how many times I washed them.  They also reduce static cling and they can spice up your love life.  Yes, this is what you do...place a dryer sheet between your pillow cases and just wait and see what happens.!
    Here in Detroit our temperatures have been near 100 degrees which causes everyone to sweat.  Thanks to Purex they get out all the awful odors.  Stay tuned readers.  I  soon will be raffling off some Purex Coupons.

    Thursday, July 18, 2013

    Overcoming The Most Painful and Restricting Emotion A Person Can Carry

             Guilt stifles and imprisons it's victims.  Guilt stops individuals from reaching their goals as they wade in self-loathing.  Guilt destroys all self worth and can even lead to deep depression, a nervous breakdown, addictions and even suicide.  For myself, guilt was the most debilitating  force I experienced in my life which attributed to my becoming a housebound agoraphobic.  Clinical Psychologist Everett L. Worthington Jr. describes the beauty of the Gospel and Christ's death on the cross which frees us of the bondage of guilt.  His book is a God Send for all those afflicted with doubts about forgiveness.  Moving Forward - Six Steps to Forgiving Yourself and Breaking Free from the Past examines the difference between real and unwarranted  guilt (those things we have no control over but blame ourselves).  He presents the reader with a path to stop beating themselves up over the past.  Using Scripture as his basis, he sites examples of other individuals who have benefited by his tools.  Although this excellent book was not available when I was younger, I was able to obtain a stellar psychologist who helped me through my dark period and I successfully overcame my depression and agoraphobia.  It's important for the reader to realize we all make mistakes and none of us are worthy of  redemption but because of  God's love, we are saved through his Son.  Guilt was meant to remind us to remain humble and if we fall that we ask for forgiveness and to go on and not repeat the same mistakes.  Dr. Washington skillfully guides the reader to reach self-forgiveness and once this door is open, you will be able to accept the loving forgiveness of God.  Your burdens will be lifted and finally you will be able to love more freely with your new self-acceptance.  It's time to move on and enjoy life as God wants you to.  This book is essential for a healthy self-esteem.  I am grateful for Waterbrook Multnomah for the opportunity of reading this in advance.  I highly recommend .

    Tuesday, June 25, 2013

    Tips for The Perfect 4th of July Barbecue?

    Having a grand barbecue does not have to cost a fortune.  Kroger's brand hamburgers, buns, potato chips, pop and frozen treats will keep your expenses down.  Recently I had the grandkids over for Father's Day and our family was surprized to hear that the majority of the food and drinks was the Kroger's brand.  With the money I  saved on the groceries I was able to buy squirt guns and water balloons for the kids to play with.  The best part was all the compliments the chef received for a delicious meal. 

    As a Member of BzzAgent I was able to participate in this campaign in exchange for my honest views.
    Kroger has made our family fans forever.  For those who are watching their calories, they have a delicious healthy frozen treat, yogurt bars.  Only 50 calories per serving.  My grandchildren loved them and asked for more.  Don't miss out, buy Kroger Brand.

    Friday, June 7, 2013

    Debbie Morris's The Blessed Woman

    Debbie Morris's The Blessed Woman is a definite must read for all women walking the Christian faith.  What she so wisely relates to us is that the women  of the Bible were not so much different than ourselves and they faced similar difficulties and challenges.  By using scripture to back up her points, Debbie successfully proves to us that we all have weaknesses and fears yet God truly loves his people and continues to work with them as long as they rely on him.  There are so many uplifting lessons in this book.  I could really relate to her chapter on Hagar "Finding Purpose in The Midst of Pain" because of my own experiences. The author shares the stories of  all the woman of the Bible who found Grace through God and they serve as examples for all of us.  I received this awesome read from Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for my sincere review.  The Blessed Woman holds hope for everyone who reads it.

    Thursday, June 6, 2013

    The Husband's Homies Fill Up On My Kroger Frozen Yogurt Smoothie Bars

    My husband had asked his fellow employee buddies over to watch The Detroit Tigers Baseball Game on his big screen television in his man cave.  His man cave is in the garage along with our freezer.  I went out ahead of time to supply the goodies and drinks for their get together. I bought Kroger Chips and peanuts, cookies and pretzels.  Never would I ever imagine that my husband would offer his friends the Kroger Frozen Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie Bars that I got for my Bzz Agent Campaign.  None of his buddies are worried about their weight or even knew that this treat is only 50 calories.  I found out after the fact when everybody went home and I found the empty box.  This attests to how delicious they are.  I scolded my husband for not allowing me to do my thing by giving a speech .  He just laughed and said that we will have to buy more boxes and tell them all next time.  Kroger's  Yogurt Smoothie Bars are not only for those counting calories.

    Dr. Scholl's Puts Wings On My Feet

    In 2005 my spinal cord specialist told me that my tarlov cyst disease would lead to damaging my nerve endings and some organs.  So the diagnoses of neuropathy should have came as no surprize last month.  Walking became a major problem with consistant pain but I refused to let it win over the best of me. When I was asked as a Bzz Agent if I would like to try Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles for Women, I jumped at the chance.  Already being enrolled in a walking program and as a Group Moderator, I was anxious to see if these would ease my condition.  The insoles are made to wear with work boots or shoes, casual shoes or sandals which seemed to cover all the bases.  They promise super shock absorption and much needed support.  I was so excited to try the insoles on that I forgot to put on stockings.  Immediately I grabbed the dog leash for my pet's daily walk.  I had very little pain in comparison to what I usually experience and I was able to go twice as far as I normally do.  Proud to say that I traveled two miles instead of one minus stockings.  I would find out later that when wearing socks with the insoles I was almost totally out of pain.  What a relief to acheive this status without using a medication.  My next goal is to alert my doctor.  I feel like I have hope again and look forward to participating in many activities that I was afraid to enjoy in the past that involved a lot of walking like going to the zoo or Busch Gardens, Disney World and such.  Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel Insoles have proven to be a real life saver for me.  The price is less than a pair of shoes and they last up to six months if  worn daily.  I truly recommend and will continue to do so.

    Friday, May 31, 2013

    Never Too Old For God's Service

    Billy Grahams latest biography is a beautiful testament to that God can use us at any age and that we can be a testimony whether we are in our nineties or a young person.  He will never fire us nor do we have to retire or resign because we just can't be of assistance.  Nearing Home  made the New York Times best selling list and also won the 2012 Christian Book of the Year.  I recall my mother telling me many times that the elderly in the Church were the wisest individuals because they had the most experience in life and that we can learn a lot from them.  There is a wealth of information in Mr. Grahams Nearing Home.  His priority now is finishing well that walk he made the decision to take as a young lad.  He looks forward to meeting up with his beautiful wife, Ruth again who passed away a while back.  Chapter two , 'Don't Retire From Life' is meant for senior citizens but could also encourage anyone who is facing depression.  He covers many subjects that the elderly face and are going through, such as retirement; money matters; physical pain and looking forward to our Heavenly Home.  I highly recommend this excellent book which I had the opportunity to review for BookSneeze.

    Thursday, May 30, 2013

    Love Frozen Yogurt? How's 50 Calories Sound?

    Love ice cream and frozen treats but are worried about the extra pounds that we add on by enjoying them?  My favorite desert is ice cream and frozen yogurt and I could name you all the brands that offer these type of treats at lower calories.  I'm not going to do that here because Kroger's frozen treats carry the lowest; I was elated to find out that there is only 50 calories per frozen yogurt bar...Yes, it's true.  I was fortunate enough to pick up a box yesterday as a Bzz Agent activity.  I choose the strawberry-banana flavor for my family, actually I thought they would be turned off to them once I told them this was a healthy treat.  My goal was to keep the whole box for myself (smile).  Well, things did not turn out that way.  My husband didn't give me a chance to try before he had the box open and started to eat one.  Within ten minutes he had three devoured, licking his lips and bragging how delicious they are.  I knew that that I would have to hurry and try one for myself  which confirmed that they are over the top.  Not only are they less expensive, you can buy the 12 or 6 pack box, but they have less calories.  Don't be left out, Kroger's stocks them in the freezers.  

    Wednesday, May 29, 2013

    Nancy Leigh DeMoss Reveals Secret to Contentment

      Author Nancy Leigh DeMoss is truly a woman after my own heart.  In her new "our Journey to Joy" she confirms what I learnt many years ago.  While recovering from housebound agoraphobia and chronic depression I had to learn to change my thoughts and focus on my blessings each day in order to get out of the rut that I had fallen in.  For years, I have told my children that each day they have the choice to look for the good in each day or focus on the bad and it does make a significant mark on your attitude.  A thankful, joyful heart cannot have pity parties.  A thankful heart realizes that there are others worse off who may need us.  Ms. DeMoss could not pick a more suitable person than Joni Eareckson Tada to write the lovely forward to her book.  For those who don't know Joni, she experienced a horrendous accident as a teenager  that left her quadriplegic for the rest of her life yet she uses her disability to honor God and the strength that he gives us.  She has been an inspiration to millions, writing books, speaking and even drawing.  A kind reminder that we all have something to be thankful for.  I highly recommend Nancy Leigh DeMoss's book for anyone facing discouragement or heartache.  She includes a 30 day devotional which can be used as tools to begin your new mindset.  For those who have thought negative most of their lives, this can be a bit of a challenge but if  you use these exercises daily, you will be surprised at how little time it takes to think successfully. I commend Nancy for realizing what seems to be a real problem among women today, negative thinking.  By introducing scriptural references along with personal experience this book can be a gem for those seeking happiness.  I was given the priviledge of reading this book for MP press in exchange for my honest opinions.

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013

    Heaven Hears Proves That Nothing is Impossible With God As Pat Boone's Grandson Overcomes all Odds

    Ryan Corbin's story retold by his mother, Lindy Boone Michaelis in 'Heaven Hears ~ The True Story of What Happened When Pat Boone Asked The World to Pray For His Grandson's Survival' proves that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible with God.  The evidence of God's power is magnified throughout the chapters of this inspiring testimony.  Ryan's desire was to serve the Lord and he spent many hours reading the scriptures in hopes of completing a screenplay which depicts the Life of Christ in Modern Times.  His devotion pays off as he completes this project.  One sentence in his play stands out because of what lies ahead in his future, '"I think something is going to happen to me"' becomes a self premonition or perhaps God was getting him prepared for his future.  On June 19, 2001 there is a horrific freak accident.  Ryan steps through a skylight and falls three stories onto a cement floor.  The impact leaves the doctors wondering if Ryan will even survive.  In his comatose state, his family reaches out to everyone to pray.  Pat Boone is invited on the Larry King show where he pleads with the TV viewers to pray.  Miraculously, Ryan awakens but he has a long tough road ahead.  Some doctors claimed he would remain a vegetable.  His amazing faithful mother would not succumb to the doctors diagnosis.  She knew that her Father in Heaven could do all things.  Heaven Hears will renew the reader's faith and comfort mother's to know that their children are in God's hands.  It was a joy to read this book for Tyndale Book Network.

    Wednesday, May 22, 2013

    The Point Changes Lifes

    The Point by William E. Jefferson takes us to the gorgeous Isle of Estillyen where Goodwin & his wife, Hollie Macbreeze try to find some respite from her illness.  Once there they encounter the bitter Oban Ironbout who has been beat up with life's uncertainties.  His soul is tortured.  In this Christian Fiction novel we journey with the three through their struggles to find meaning and faith.  Surrounded by story telling monks they learn about the very real struggle between the forces of darkness and the light.  The monks share pieces of scripture in a poetic way.  The story is deep and caused me to spend a lot of time in contemplation.  Ordinarily I prefer non-fiction Christian books but there is a lot of charm and sweet reflection throughout it's pages.  William E. Jefferson's mode of writing is enchanting and never boring, making it a book you won't want to put down.  I was given the honor of reading this book for Handlebar Publishing.  I definitely would recommend.

    Monday, May 20, 2013

    Professional Landscaping Without The Cost ~ With Amdro Powerflex System And A Contest!


    Moving to the country with two acres of land was my spouse's idea, with no thought of the upkeep beforehand we jumped on the stellar deal we got on our new home.  With expenses being tight we couldn't afford professional landscaper's and when Bzz Agent gave me the opportunity to try Amdro Powerflex Pest & Weed System I immediately got on board.  Our front lawn was full of dandelions prior to using this application.  As seen in photo below. 
    Both my husband and I didn't know what to expect but we were excited to try Amdro.  This system is very easy to use.  Not only that but it is inexpensive.  The package comes complete with Lawn Weed Killer to use on Dandelions ,Chickweeds,Wild Onions and Other Weeds; Yard & Perimeter Outdoor Insect Killer for beetles, ants and roaches; Home Pest Indoor Insect Killer for ants, roaches and indoor insects Plus Weed & Grass Killer for all types of weeds and grasses.  Most places are selling this awesome package for under $15.00. Right now I am offering  two $4.00 off coupons for my readers.  Sign up for my blog and leave a comment below to be entered in this contest.  I will pick two winners one week from today, May 27,2013.  What I consider the biggest perk of Amdro Powerflex is how simple it is to use.  There is no measuring, no mixing and no mess.  Just snap on the appropriate cartridge that you want to use and fill the gallon jug it comes with with water.  I went around spraying the weeds and was astounded to find that Amdro started working right away.  Our lawn looked superb in less than twenty four hours. 
    Next my husband wants to do the cracks in the driveway and I'll need the outdoor pest application for my vegetable plants this summer.  We got everything we needed in the Amdro Powerflex Pest & Weed System and we are set for the summer.  If you run out of an application, you can purchase them separately.  Why pay a fortune for landscapers if you can get the job done by yourself  for a fraction of the cost? 


    Friday, May 10, 2013

    2013 MoonWalk New York City - Walk the Walk America

    2013 MoonWalk New York City - Walk the Walk America

    The MoonWalk NYC, presented by Empire BlueCross BlueShield, is raising awareness and funds for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to help support their Breast Examination Center in Harlem. At the Breast Examination Center, over 80% of the patients are uninsured.
    The goal is to ensure that every breast cancer patient—regardless of where she or he lives or works or was born—has the access to highly-skilled, empathetic breast cancer medicine to achieve the best outcome, no matter their circumstances.

    Monday, May 6, 2013

    Rod Stewart's "Time" Cd's Preeminence ~ Star's Don't Stop Shining

    Much to my pleasant surprise, after twenty years Rod Stewart is still kicking it!  Since receiving my preview copy from the One2One Network, I've been playing the album over and over.  I lost count of my favorites and know without a doubt many of the songs will make #1.  And to think that Rod Stewart wrote and produced 11 of the 12 tracks.  Don't want to give my age away but I was a huge fan in the seventies and I say this CD is the best yet we have heard from Stewart.  Like wine his talent as gracefully aged with Time and I can't wait to hear what more he has to offer.  It's very rare that a superstar of one generation can stay away so long and offer music that would fit in with today's generation.  He is just that kind of stellar performer.  Mark my words that "Can't Stop Me Now" and "It's Over" will be atop the music charts once this awesome cd releases.  You will be able to purchase tomorrow.  Rod Stewart will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel tonight; See him on "The Voice" on May 8th and "Live With Kelly & Michael" on May 11th.  This album is so delicious it makes me wonder what took him so long?

    Friday, May 3, 2013

    Rebekah Lyons Criticizes Treatment for Depression Will Send Wrong Message


    As a former housebound agoraphobic due to chronic anxiety attacks and concurrent depression it was difficult for me to read Rebekah Lyons Freefall to Fly  A Breathtaking Journey.  Her book covers her struggles with anxiety and depression but she does not seek professional help and discourages anyone who uses antidepressants.  Instead of being uplifting I felt this book proposed it was wrong to get the appropriate treatment which is available.  Unfortunately there is a lot about mental illness she does not know and should not be making unfounded suggestions.  Its sad because this just contributes to the ignorance that is already associated with depression.  I am a Christian who believes that God blesses doctors with the knowledge they have to treat them,  Depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain, therefore medication is given to stabilize it's victims just as a person who is diabetes needs insulin.  Once I got the appropriate treatment which was a combination of therapy, medication and prayers I overcame the agoraphobia.  Mine is such a success story that it ended up in The Detroit News.  To discourage anyone who is suffering from depression from seeking treatment is just wrong.
    This is one of the few books I highly do not recommend. 

    Wednesday, May 1, 2013

    Lucado Explains How to Ensure Your Place in Heaven

      Numerous publications have been printed about Heaven recently, no doubt mankind is looking up for encouragement as this World sinks deeper into darkness.  Being a fan of this subject, I've had an opportunity to read the majority of these books yet Max Lucado brings fresh awareness and imperative information on this popular subject.  Max seems to excel and bring to the reader much more than the average content. Although it is a joy to read how grand Heaven will be and I would be the last to say that I tire of hearing about this yet Mr. Lucado goes a step further by supplying to us the knowledge of how to ensure our chance of getting there.  Using scripture, the author reminds us ''Not everyone who say's 'You are our Lord' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven"' Matthew 7:21.  Max directs his readers to dig deeper into the Word of God so that they may be properly prepared and ready when Christ calls us home.  He explains how we must be spiritually clothed , '"But clothed yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ and forget about satisfying your sinful self"' Romans 13:14.  Not mincing any words to gain favor, the author's only goal is to bring us the truth.  This New York Times  best selling author speaks boldly and specifically about what God expects from his children. As always, I am blown away and encouraged by Lucado's newest venture.  It astounds me that he is always able to exceed my expectations and teach me new, revelant points about our walk with God. I had the honor to review this book for Book Sneeze in exchange for my thoughts.  If you yearn for that place where there will be no more pain or sorrow than this book is for you.  If you are down in the Valley and feel overwhelmed by the trials and disappointments in your life...this book is for you.  If you can't see the rainbow and pot of gold as the storms continue to beat on your household...this is for you and if you want to see your loved ones that have passed on again, invest your time in reading this stellar book for the sake of  your soul's eternity.

    Tuesday, April 30, 2013

    Contrary to Popular Thought, What Men Really Want

    With over two million books sold, Shaunti Feldhahn sheds light on what men really need in her best seller, For Women Only.   Contrary to what we may have heard, sex fills a powerful emotional need in a man even more so than the physical need.  ' '' Men take their role as a provider very seriously, the author states it is the core of a man's identity. In fact, 71% of men say their ability to provide is always or often on their minds.'"  We  all know that most men have a more difficult time expressing inner feelings than women. This stellar book gives all women insight on what really matters to a man.  Above all, respect is at the top of his wish list.  This book is excellent and a real eye-opener to what women may think their man expects of them an what he truly desires.  There is a powerful chapter on what he most wishes he could say to you.  I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to read this book for Blogging for Books Waterbrook Multnomah for sharing my thoughts.  The author also has written For Men Only in this companion series.  With Mother's Day right around the corner, this would make for an awesome gift which enriches relationships.  A Definite Must Read.

    Thursday, April 25, 2013

    Michael Angelo's Renews Spark in Romantic Relationship

    Men really don't want a lot, they just want to know that you are thinking about them.  Michael Angelo made this extremely easy for me last night.  My husband got the munchies for a hot snack while watching The Detroit Tigers Ball Game on tv.  I decided to surprise him with the Michael Angelo's Sausage & Mushroom Flatbread I had bought at Walmart.  You get two flatbreads with Carmalized Onions, Mozzarella Cheese & Arrabbiata Sauce.  Now that's Italian and for those who are watching their waistline they are only 270 calories per serving. It only took this cook 15 minutes to prepare these tasty treat baking in the oven.  Now the best part, my husband was so impressed that he showed me special attention for the rest of the night.  So when your loved ones tire of potato chips and nuts give them Michael Angelo's...they will love you for it~

    Monday, April 15, 2013

    NORTH OF HOPE Will Move Your Soul

    Shannon Polson's father and step-mother were on vacation when they were killed by a bear, North of Hope A Daughter's Artic Journey is the author's heartfelt autobiography of her struggle to cope with their deaths.  A year after the tragic event, the author retraces her father's footsteps until that fateful day.  She uses journals and maps that were kept by the victims on their escape to the village of Kaktovik,Alaska.  Immediately I was able to feel akin to the writer because we both reacted to our enormous loss in similar ways.  It's been fifteen years since I lost my own father who I had the pleasure of caring for in his last year.  Although both Shannon and I had to relate to individuals we preferred keeping to ourselves and tried to understand each moment as it came.  This book would prove to be a source of comfort for anyone who has suffered loss.  At the same time,  Shannon does an exceptional job of teaching her reader the customs of Inupiat peoples and portions of their language.  Much thought and heart were woven within the pages of her diary to ensure nothing is a miss.  I am a speed reader but chose to take my time in reading as to enjoy this delicious meal that she has prepared for her fans.  Handlebar Central allowed me to participate in this reviewing.  I will be endeared to them for the opportunity.  It will be one book I look forward to reading again and again.

    Friday, April 5, 2013

    Shauna Niequist's Bread & Wine

    Shauna Niequist's Bread & Wine A Love Letter to Life around the Table With Recipes really hit home for me.  In my younger years, our family lived upstairs from my Grandmother DiFalco who spent the entirety of her days making pasta and meatballs from scratch to serve to family and friends come dinnertime.  Cooking and sharing her meals was her way to show love and there was always plenty to go around the table no matter how many people showed up.  Everybody looked forward to dinnertime where we all enjoyed the meal and sat long afterwards sharing stories of our day.  My uncles always told hilarious jokes and nobody would miss out on being around the table. Of course being raised the way that I was, I followed in my Grandmother's footsteps.  I enjoy cooking and inviting a lot of guests over.  In this way the author won over my heart.  She speaks of the importance of being together and enjoying even a small meal (bread and wine) or whatever you feel to create.  Shauna shares her experiences as well as delights us with many recipes.  The book spoke to me while conjuring up warm memories of many pleasant evenings.  I recommend this book highly to anyone who enjoys entertaining as well as housewives and hostesses.  It was my honor to read this book in exchange for my review for the Handlebar Network.

    Cancer Could Not Stop Kristian Anderson's Love

    After winning the hearts of Millions via you tube, Kristian Anderson shares his struggle with cancer in his  book, Day's Like These Even in the Darkest Moments Light Can Shine Through.  Kristian surprizes his wife with a video he created for her birthday and he posts it on You Tube to share with the World his undying love for his partner.  Once it went viral, he gains a multitude of fans and well wishers.  Only 34 years old, the young Australian is struck with bowel and liver cancer.  Although receiving this terminal illness diagnosis, Kristian refuses to give up hope and he shares with us his most intimate moments.  Booksneeze gave me the awesome opportunity to read this fascinating story in exchange for my thoughts.  Having lost my best friend and most recently my beloved mother-in-law to cancer Kristian's story was quite therapeutic for me.  I am in awe of his courage and concerns for his loved ones rather than himself.  This book was one of Oprah's favorites, ''He taught us how to LIVE with cancer.  The Light he left on earth will be dimmed by his passing."'  I agree with Ms. Winfrey's sentiment.  Kristian's story will remind us not to take anything for granted and to be grateful whatever our lot may be.  Perhaps the greatest significance of his sharing is that I was able to understand better what the cancer patient goes through.  He writes about chemo and it's aftereffects which even close loved ones don't talk about while they go through this.  It is a stellar read which I highly recommend to all. 

    Nick Vujicic's Success Story Will Inspire All to Do The Same

    Life Without Limits "Inspiration for a ridiculously Good Life" by Nick Vujicic is the second autobiography that I have read by this stellar character.  His attitude and faith help him overcome the bad hand that his has been dealt with.  Although Mr. Vujicic would probably disagree that it was a bad hand.  Born without any arms or legs does not dissuade him from any goal that he sets forth to accomplish.  His humbleness and thankfulness are miracles to all his readers.  The purpose for his book in his own words are as follows: '"I do believe my life has no limits.  I want you to feel same way about your life, no matter what your challenges may be.  What would your're life be if anything were possible?"'  I am inspired by his excitement for life and always come away feeling badly that my minute problems are nothing in comparison to the road the author had to take.  His story reminds me not to take anything for granted and that others have worse circumstances yet they don't complain. This awesome book which I had the fine opportunity of reading from Walterbrookmulnomah Blogging for Books network in exchange for my review always makes me a better person.  I keep a copy on hand for days I might be having a difficult time.  This book will have an impact on all ages and genre of people, we all could learn something powerfully good from the writer.  Nick has chosen to make his life a life of value and share that with others and he gives honor to God for his strength and courage.  Not only do I recommend this book but deeply feel that you will shortchange yourself by not reading it. 

    Thursday, April 4, 2013

    Dr. Karp's Practical Solutions~Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep

    New York's Times Bestselling Author, Dr. Harvey Karp MD comes to the rescue with his new book, The  Happiest Baby Guide to GREAT Sleep offering simple, down-to-earth advice for the colicky baby; infant crying; tantrums and boosting a good night's sleep.  Let's face it folks, when we don't get our rest we are cranky and short-tempered and our babies suffer in the same way.  Dr. Karp's advice has won the favor of many celebrities; Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer; Jewel and Pierce Bronsnan to name a few.  The book has been translated in more than twenty languages and cherished by millions of parents.  One of the perks of being a One2One member has allotted me the opportunity to review the book in exchange for my honest opinion.  I, too, was amazed at  the doctor's knowledge and feel that this guide would make for a great gift for young parents.  One of the successful techniques he shares is the use of white noise or the noise of a vacuum cleaner which actually soothes little ones. I have seen that some retail stores carry cd's you can buy called white noise specifically for this purpose.  He discusses how bedtime timing is off and parents putting their children to bed when they are not tired.  He suggests giving your child a warm bath, dimming the lights in the bedroom and warming the sheets before tucking them in.  The book is directed at from birth to five years of age but he also has separate chapters for different ages.  It's a stellar resource for all individuals who are taking care of  children.  The author has does an excellent job in covering all the important bases.
    Readers can purchase here The Happiest Baby Guide To Great Sleep


    The 5 Love Languages for Kids by Dr. Gary Chapman


    Award Winning Author, Dr. Gary Chapman teams up with Rick Osborne and Illustrator, Wilson Williams Jr  to create this phenomenal book with interactive website to teach children the values and importance of Love.  Selling more than 7 million copies confirms the success of the #1 New York Best Seller.  The author categorizes the way love is given and received in five forms; words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch.  He has written numerous books not only for children but also adults to teach all ages about the greatest gift of all...charity.  More information can be obtained at The 5 Love Languages Website .  A Perfect Pet for Peyton is the lovely story that I was allowed to review for Moody Press in exchange for my opinions.  The twins, Peyton and Penny are celebrating their birthday and are excited to be going to The Perfect Pet Pal Emporium for their gift.  I was thrilled to see that the children pray throughout their day.  I got attached to this fictional Christian family.  It's a wonderful read for the children to learn respect and manners.  Peyton opens the car door for his mother.  Their parents decide to hold their Birthday party at the Pet Emporium with all their friends. The friends will also  choosing pets for themselves. What's awesome about this peticular place is that it is part zoo, part farm and part aquarium so there is dozens of pets to encounter and choose from.  Without giving away too much of  the story, it centers on the young peoples journey and their great excitement.  It promotes family unity and support.  The Perfect Pet for Peyton is a positive tool for young parents which I highly recommend~

    Saturday, March 30, 2013

    Garnier Olia Gets Rid of Resistant Grays

    Being a Bzz Agent definitely has it's perks.  I was given the awesome opportunity to try out Garnier's new Olia  Hair Care in exchange for my honest opinions.  At first, I had my doubts because I have stubborn, resistant gray hairs which are difficult even for the best hair stylist to cover completely.  I took the challenge expecting a negative result.  I was soon to find out that Garnier stands behind their promises.  Since pictures can say a thousand words, I have embedded them below to show my readers how my hair looked before and after using Garnier Olia.  Give me a few moments to elaborate on this wonderful product.  Garnier's Olia does not contain ammonia rather than that it uses 60% oil blend containing natural flower oils in the colorant.  Applying the solution is very easy and I found that leaving it in my hair an extra five minutes because of my resistant gray was the answer.  Not only was all the gray completely covered but the color was so vibrant and stunning.  I particularly enjoyed the silky feel of my locks and the incredibly low price for a product that actually works.  I must confess that this was my first experience with Garnier Hair Coloring and they have made a big fan out of me.  I've already stocked up on several more boxes to use in the future.  Note in the first photo below (Pre-Garnier Olia) how I have a lot of gray right in the front of my face which always made it difficult for me to pull my bangs off of my face.
    And the final results which was a pleasant surprise~

    Wednesday, March 6, 2013

    We Live In a Spiritual World

    Author Steve Sjogren's HEAVEN'S LESSONS- Ten Lessons I Learnt About God When I Died is a fascinating read.  Rarely do I read a book twice, let alone twice in a row but Sjogren's journey was so exciting I just had to reread to ensure not missing one thing.  I thank Booksneeze for the ability to read his story in exchange for my thoughts.  This book will convince the reader that miracles were not done away with years ago and that God still speaks to his people today.  He is a real God wanting to get closer to his children.  Imagine going into the hospital for a very simple  procedure like having your gall bladder removed only to find out you don't have a gall bladder.  The surgeons accidently cut into a main artery which leaks blood into the back of Steve's body and it's nearly an hour later before they discover their error.  By now Sjogren is flat-lining.  Having coded for close to seven minutes can cause enormous damage to the body.  Although Steve suffers with some necrosis he is protected by major difficulties because of the Grace of God.  The Book describes in depth the glory of Heaven that he witnessed and the meeting with Angels.  Not to take from the author's testimony, it is up to you to read.  There is shocking revelations about Bob Dylan and Robert (Bob) Kardashian who was an Elder in the church at one time.  Yes, Kim's dad.  I found great comfort and joy in this book and hope that everyone gets a chance to read it.  Don't shortchange yourself!