Thursday, January 28, 2016

Things around the house you can sell for a lot of money

Things around the house you can sell for a lot of money:

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Monday, January 25, 2016

NKJV Prophecy Study Bible, 2015 Edition by John Hagee

           Pastor John Hagee highlights and explains all prophecy throughout the scriptures in this NKJV Prophecy Bible.  It is precise and offers many charts; study helps and Bible insights.  There is much to learn and easy to understand.  For instance, those who have difficulty with Revelation.  Mr. Hagee starts this book with a forward of explanation.  He gives the meanings to all the symbols in this book including the seals; the seven churches; the trumpets to name a few. He has included many tools to decifer  the Book of Revelation.  I highly recommend to have this study Bible to use as a reference along with your regular Bible.  Book Look gave me the amazing opportunity to review in exchange for my honest thoughts.

Cats in Paris, Adult coloring book

                Won-Sun Jang is well known as a writer for Vogue Korea.  He now offers us this adult coloring book with lovely illustrations of Paris as well as numerous cat drawings.  Find tabbies; Siamese; Persian; Abyssinian and Sphynx just to name a few.  Once coloring is completed, these look nice in frames.  Great fun for snow days when stuck indoors.  Blogging for Books gave me the opportunity to read in exchange for my honest review.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Silent Cry Is an Excellent Resource for Those Who are Dating

     Having lived through an abusive relationship during the seventies, I was compelled to read Dorothy J. Newton's release of "Silent Cry".  There is an unspoken kinship among survivors who suffer in silence. How the public view's your family life and how you are really living is very different.  Trying to keep that secret because it's too embarrassing is tormenting.  Leaving takes a lot of courage.  Having a spouse that lives a double life is not the greatest deal breaker.  These men are so charismatic that individuals feel that if there is a problem in your marriage it must certainly be you.  Ms Newton gives God the glory for helping her with the pain and giving her the strength.  I urge young women who are dating to read this book.  I recommend it highly.  Note the red flags that shout Nate & Dorothy's relationship is bound to fail while they are still dating.
Dorothy's number one priority had always been her service to God.  Dating Nate, an unbeliever, she starts to compromise her values.  This book is full of learning experiences.  I was thrilled to review it for Book Look Bloggers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss

                 Most Christains can identify with the rewards of spiritual fasting.  The type of fasting that draws us closer to God by sacrificing all food for a small period of time.  Fasting was second nature to me, growing up in a Church that held many fast services however I had never heard of The Daniel Fast.  Normal fasting requires giving up all foods and intimacy in marriages for a day or so to show our sincere desire to God. Susan Gregory explains in her newest book that the Daniel fast is a partial fast of certain foods for 21 days.  The foods come from the scriptures Daniel Chapter 1 verse 12 and Daniel Chapter 10 Verse 3 which we are to refrain from.  It's basically a fruit and vegetable diet which does not allow any meat, dairy or sugars.  The author has supplied the reader with some recipes.  In the past, followers would fast for their spiritual welfare although it is very true that you will lose weight on this lean diet.  I have one problem, in that I feel fasting is sacred and holy and that our hearts should be set on the spiritual growth rather than on the bonus benefit.  The Daniel Fast is definitely unique and different to any other weight loss program that I have read about or even tried.  The food is healthy but the program is strict and I wonder how many could actually complete the 21 days.  I was given the opportunity to review this book for the Tyndale Book community in exchange for my thoughts.