Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Give The Gift Of Encouragement to Those Facing Breast Cancer

       The NIV Pink Bible An Invitation to Hope is the perfect gift you can give your loved one that is facing breast cancer.  Beautifully boxed and ready to give, it contains a special index to verses of hope and encouragement.  Also enclosed is ten special pages of prayers and reflections along with a pretty ribbon marker.  Show your concern even when it is hard to put into words by bringing your loved one positive messages of how God will grant his strength and peace.  I am honored to have reviewed this new Bible for Zondervan and Book Look Bloggers.

God Gave Us Angels Will Touch The Hearts of All Who Read

      Lisa Tawn Bergren has a magical way to inspire everyone's hearts and that is through her God Gave Us series.  In simple terms she helps young and old alike to understand the Goodness of serving God.  In her latest creation, "God Gave Us Angels" Papa Cub and Little Cub explore everything about Angels including what they do all day and what they look like.  Laura J. Bryant lends her beautiful illustrations (she does a splendid job).  This special book will give you quality time with your little ones while they learn to praise God.  I was given the great opportunity to review this book for Blogging for Books.  To learn more about the author, click here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Media Violence IS a SERIOUS Threat to Our Youth

Growing up in the Sixties and Seventies, our age group was sold on the Make Peace, Not War messages that were in the Media during that era. Flower children told us Love was the answer. We were greatly influenced by the media as young people are still today.  Unless you are blind as a bat, it's hard not to be affected by the overwhelming evidence of violence and coldness in our young people today.  Television programs based on fact, Killer Kids, can attest to the attitude of anger which has arisen with this generation. Never before have so many young people been killing their parents, their families and even their friends when they disagree.  There is mounting evidence in Lt. Col. Dave Grossman and Gloria DeGaetano  updated version of "Stop Teaching Our Kids To Kill; A Call to Action Against TV, Movie & Video Game Violence" that children are greatly affected by what they see and hear.  Lt. Grossman compares this media with the army's conditioning techniques used to overcome a soldiers' aversion to killing.  This book will take an in depth view of how parent's must have greater involvement in censoring their child's books, movies and games.  Learn how to take action to prevent future violence.  It's never too late to get on board for a more positive future. I was given the opportunity to review this book for Blogging for Books. For more information on Book 

The Toddler's Bible is Precious And Easy to Understand

  Catherine DeVries and Zonderkids have created the perfect toddler's bible, "Adventure Bible for Toddler's" with exciting illustrations by Jim Madsen.  Geared towards ages 2-8, there are ten stories taken from the Old & New Testament's.  I applaud the author's goal of reaching younger minds.  It is imperative that children learn of their Heavenly Father.  Ms. DeVries offers this wonderful opportunity by making the stories of the Bible come alive in terms that the little ones will understand.  This precious commodity would make a stellar gift for toddlers.  I was given the honor of reviewing this book for Book Look.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jessie's mission To Help Others

    Jessie Joy Rees was on a mission to put a smile on the hearts of children battling cancer.  She designed and contributed thousands of joy jars while struggling against brain cancer herself.  Erik Rees shares his daughters story in "Never Ever Give Up".  Her courage and selflessness can teach us all about God's Love and His plan for our life.    In ten months, Jessie accomplishes more than most of us do in a lifetime. I have had the great opportunity to read and rate this book.  For more information about the Jessie Rees Foundation .