Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And A Little Child Shall Lead Them~

  "Heaven is for Real" Little Todd Burpo's account on his trip to Heaven and back is one book that you won't want to pass up reading!  It is delightful and inspiring, uplifting and hopeful (all those things which are hard to find in this stressful day and time we live in).  Todd's account reminds us that Heaven is our goal and that is real.  Who better to have such an awesome experience than a little child.  The Good Book tells us "that a little child shall lead them".  Children are pure and innocent.  Little children don't lie...they have no reason to.  Todd's real life story confirms that what God's word is true.  It brings us joy knowing we have a lot to look  forward to.  This lovely novel is a great comfort to those who have recently lost loved ones and it may convert the soul of a non-believer.  I adore this writing and highly recommend.  A real perk of being a member of  Book Sneeze is the wonderful opportunity of receiving books like this in exchange for an honest review.

Cindy Woodsmall's "The Christmas Singing"

"The Christmas Singing" is the perfect gift for amish reader fans this Season.  Cindy Woodsmall's riveting ability to capture the hearts of  such a huge audience is due in part because of the valuable lessons on love and life portrayed in her writings.  This excellent saga causes the readers to emphathize with Mattie after Gideon breaks her heart.  He breaks their engagement and through much pain Mattie must move on.  We can relate to her suffering.  After time has passed, Mattie finds a new love which she so deserves and as we applaud her, guess who pops back into her life?  Read this powerful love novel about forgiveness and real love.  Perhaps that is why so many have come to adore the amish love stories.  Cindy Woodsmall has again, rose over the top with this monumental book! I was elated to receive this book from Blogging for Books Walterbrookmultnomah in exchange for my honest review~

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tip Junkie Giveaways for Holiday 2011

For my followers:  Wanted to share this amazing opportunity to win a $200.00 Amazon gift card from Tip Junkie with you all.  While your at it subscribe to their awesome newsletter to receive winning ideas to save you dollars.  Don't miss out!