Wednesday, December 19, 2012

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oh No Not the Children, Dec. 14 The Day The World Changed

          Although there have always been deranged individuals wreaking havoc in society, something  more hurting and unexplainable  occurred on Dec. 14, 2012...A hunter determined to make his prey innocent young elementary awful mind blowing act which rid our realms of any security we might have once felt in the past leaving everyone, everywhere wondering what is happening in our world.  Life has sadly changed since I was a child when my biggest concern was whether or not my older brother found my favorite toy that I hid on him. We lived in a more safe enviroment in those days when neighbors spoke kindly to one another and faithful friends knew that there were certain boundaries that you just didn't cross in for the sake of  true kinship.  It's just not like the good ole' days anymore and my heart bleeds for the parents who must worry when their offspring are doing the right thing by going to school.  What has this world come to and who is to blame?  I imagine it is a number of factors  that have contributed to this lack of concern with human life as I recall some of the things I suggested as a college student majoring in Psychology.  Young and full of passion I suggested in my essay that lawmakers should make Mental Health a mandatory class in all schools just as physical educucation is.  Agreeing that Physical Health was an asset in establishing the importance of  keeping our bodies up to par but I felt that mental health should also be addressed with that same ferver.  For one this would erase the stigma that has been attached to mental illness since forever but also teach individuals on how to identify those who may be afflicted and guarantee that they get some kind of help.  My professor was pleased with my report and gave me a bright A+ while leaving a question for me to ponder...'"How would this class be funded?"'  Since than I felt that there was a negative possibility of ever seeing this proposal come to past.
   So instead today, twenty little innocent victims will be buried.  Hearts are broken, many will lose faith and there will be a void which will not be filled.  The news has left us all with apprehension and uncertainty.  The holiday holds less meaning with the true lights of our lives smothered out.  As a mother and grandmother of thirteen I beg that strickter background checks be made with anyone purchasing a gun and that it include background checks of everyone in the family and/or who may have access to that person's home.  I wonder how many people know that our beloved Abraham Lincoln who suffered through many nervous breakdowns  had his assistants at his home hide the silverware on the days that he was most depressed.  This has been written in his history books as he struggled with his own dark thoughts on certain days.  We can't put all the fault on the media although there is way too much violence being portrayed to the children these days, nor can we put it all in any one egg basket but we can each do our part.  Needless to say our Nation would be a better place if we each were a little more loving and respectful to one another.  Is it possible to make that change?

Enriching Father Daughter Relations


   This beautiful one year devotional opens the doors to a more intimate relationship between fathers and daughters.  Fathers are called to be the spiritual leaders in the family and this book will solidify open doors of communication between parent and child.  The One Year Father Daughter Devotions By Jesse Florea, Leon C Wirth & Bob Smithouser is the perfect tool for caring parenting.  Not only is there a daily story to discuss but the authors suggest an activity to go along with the lesson.  After reviewing this copy sent to me on behalf of Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my thoughts I would have to establish that this book is intended for pre-teens or young adult.  This is when parents find that it is the most difficult to have discussions with their offspring.  The lessons are geared towards questions that may arise in a young persons mind while going through struggles and difficulties at their age.  I am envious that this is available now for parents and know that the book will prove to make a positive impact in families.  It will also ensure that young people are aware how proud their parents are of them as seen on Oct. 20th where the topic is A Father's Joy.  It expounds upon the many things that can make a father happy but points out that the most joy a father feels is in his children and backs this up with scripture.  In this case, where a person might not be able to adequately show his love to his child, the doors are opened to a discussion of how he truly feels.  There are so many more beautiful topics which will enrich  father and daughter relationships.  This book is a must have and must read.  The One Year Father Daughter Devotions would make a loving gift for dads and daughters.  I highly recommend~

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday French Vanilla BANANA walnut Dessert

Thanks to Torani I know that noone will come close to baking anything as special as my Holiday French Vanilla Banana Walnut dessert.  Rather than baking ordinary banana bread I desired to surprize my family with a sweet treat.  Torani made this possible and had my spouse begging for more.
1 box quick bread Banana
2 eggs
1/4 cup of water
3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
1 small bag of walnuts
3 tablespoons of Torani Sugar-free French
Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees
grease pan
mix together all the ingredients
pour in pan
bake for 45 minutes
Let cool for about a half hour
The french vanilla added the perfect amount of sweetness.  Not only was the warm dessert delicious but my home carried a heavenly scent for the remainder of the day.  Optional ideas include placing a scoop of french vanilla ice cream on the dessert when serving and have your favorite java brewing and bottles of Torani on hand.  Enjoy~
I would like to thank She Speaks again for the wonderful opportunity to try the Torani Syrups in exchange for my honest review.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gretchen Rubin Reminds Us We Can Be Content Wherever We Are


Gretchen Rubin's Happier at Home is a refreshing read of how a woman can be completely content at home, however this is her story of how she finds projects that give her self satisfaction.  Gretchen's book largely resembles my own since I was forced out of working due to a physical disability.  Although difficult  in the first years, I prayed a lot and decided to put my energies into our humble home by gardening in the summer, canning and freezing vegetables throughout the Fall and sewing in the winter.  I am at peace and enjoy my lot.  In fact, I am more content than I have ever been at any other time of my life.  In that way, I felt I had a lot in common with the author.  I think that the reader could gain more insight if they could replace being happier at home with whatever or wherever they may be in their personal life at this moment.  Whether if they work full-time or have a sick parent or if they are newly married, the important message here is that a person can truly be content under any circumstane.  It's a matter of attitude.  I was given the opportunity to read this book from Walterbrook Multnomah in exchange for my review.  It is an easy read with great ideas and warmth.  It's one of those reads that leave you with good feelings.

Wallace Henley's "Globe Quake", No Need to Fear

Wallace Henley's Globe Quake - Living in the unshakeable Kingdom while the World falls apart demonstrates how biblical prophecy is coming to pass and how our faith should be stronger knowing that God will sustain his children during this time.  Ironically most individuals are aware that something is going on in the world and many are preparing for an apocalypse by stocking up on emergency supplies and building underground shelters.  Man is acting out of fear, especially those who do not know God.  Globe Quake prepares the reader on what to expect and how to react in these circumstances.  I was offered to read this book from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review.  I couldn't wait because I am excited to be living in the last days and seeing phrophecy come to past.  I feel priviledged to have the scriptural knowledge to understand and the faith to believe that God will see me through.  Wallace Henley worked as an aide in the White House to Richard Nixon.  His wisdom is amazing.  His book outlines how we can create a stable atmosphere within our families and our churches regardless of the teachings in the world.  In his own words, '"Standing like a stone wall"' and '"The Unshakeable Kingdom"'.  His message is to stand on God's truth without waivering so that we can be that light for others who are surrounded by darkness.  I highly recommend this book for everyone.  One of the best books that I have read about end times recently.