Friday, June 29, 2012

Faith And Other Flat Tires by Andrea Palpant Dilley

Author Andrea Palpant Dilley is not unlike other young people that were raised in a staunch christian atmosphere. A daughter of Quaker missionaries, she decides to question her own faith as a young adult. In "Faith and Other Flat Tires Searching for God on The Rough Road of Doubt", Andrea recounts her life growing up in Kenya and how she sets about to find her own niche in the World. This book will touch many. Sometimes humorous as can be seen in these chapter titles: Darth Vader Loves Jesus; Why Isn't God Like Eric Clapton; Gandhi Lives Next Door and Taking My Demons to Church it's not hard to see why this author wins a way into the readers heart. I enjoyed Andrea's journey and I highly recommend. This is a must read for anyone having difficulty with their own faith.

Completely Submerged Underwater; A Spiritual Awaking

Most individuals must hit rock bottom before looking up and asking for God's help. Author Mary Neal literally is totally submerged underwater due to a kayak accident when she first cries out to the Lord and feels his amazing love and grace. She is comforted that all will be all right even if she dies. She experiences death and this is her story in "To Heaven & Back A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story". For believers, this book will reaffirm their faith, for non-believer's it will broaden their perspective and hopefully encourage them to seek out more on the afterlife. The book is exciting and inspiring. Learning that there is no fear in death and that the author is full of sadness when she finds out that it isn't her time...makes Heaven seem that much more grand. I am must honored to have read this book for Walterbrook Multomah in exchange for my honest review.

Friday, June 22, 2012

How to Strengthen Family Bonds

Nothing is more important than family and the bonds that we create with our loved ones. Dave Stone,a Senior Pastor of Southern Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky addresses how to create and keep strong family bonds. Having a family of three children himself, he is well aware of the issues and difficulties one might face in raising a strong Christian unit in today's world. He offers simple and easy advice amid humor and common sense. In one of my favorite chapters "Meat and Potatoes: The Basic's" author Stone states the importance of making time productive with your family. This can be done at the dinner table by creating games like the 'talking bowl' or 'index cards' to spark a response from each family member on imperative issues. A stellar idea to keep close contact especially since so many members of today's family has little extra time when working more than one job. What I took from this awesome book is that we must make family a priority and find the time to make our moments count. I had the priviledge to review BUILDING FAMILY TIES WITH FAITH, LOVE & LAUGHTER by Dave Stone for Book Sneeze. I highly recommend!

50 Days of Hope Encourages those facing Cancer

Lynn Eib, colon cancer survivor, shares her messages of encouragement to others facing cancer. Ironically, one day before I received my copy of 50 DAYS OF HOPE to review for the Tyndale Blog Network my mother called to relate to me that the doctors discovered another lump in her breast. Our family was looking forward to her reaching her five year cancer free diagnosis which was right around the corner. Our faith is in God as we await the results of the biospy. This book is the perfect gift to give your loved ones if only to share the awareness that they are not alone. Lynn Eib is able to relate on a more intimate level having experienced the ups and downs of treatment that others must face. She is able to share how her illness brought her closer to God thus finding the positive during difficult times. Yes, I highly recommend!

Monday, June 18, 2012

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Join us TONIGHT, June 5th, for the Taste of the Tropics #Cravebox Twitter Party at 9PM ET to share your ideas for exploring the tropics with the products you use for beauty and your home and the foods that give you a tropical feeling.

Cravebox will be giving out prizes every 10 minutes!

Follow #cravebox and join in the party where we'll be talking about beauty products to protect and nourish your summer skin, foods to relax and indulge in and ways to put a tropical swing in your step. You can win some terrific products from the brands in this month's Cravebox and a full Cravebox (or two) will also be up for grabs. RSVP to be eligible to win the door prize worth over $120, by commenting with your Twitter handle on the Cravebox party post.

Party Details:
When: TONIGHT, June 5th
Time: 9pm ET
Who: You and your friends!
Hashtag: #cravebox
Party Sponsors: @Guylian_chocs, @Tree_Hut, @lipton, @skintersection, @plumamazins
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Cravebox is giving out some craveworthy prizes, including a Cravebox (or two)! You could win the grand prize, worth more than $120. The Twitter Party Prizes include: •Sunsweet Gift Basket - Sunsweet D’Noir Prunes, Sunsweet Antioxidant Blend, Sunsweet 60 calorie packs (8), Sunsweet Ones, and Sunsweet Pitted Prunes (1 winner)
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•Lipton® Prize Basket - Lipton water bottle, boxes of Tea & Honey To Go Packets, & more
•Tree Hut - details coming soon
•SkintersectionTM Prize Pack
•Guylian Belgian Chocolate Truffle Party Pack - 96 indulgent 2 truffle boxes of our luxuriously rich & creamy Belgian chocolate truffles
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To get started, click here to tweet: "Almost time for a #TasteoftheTropics! #Cravebox Twitter Party Tonight, 6/05 @9pm ET - RSVP for chance to WIN"

Pre-Party Twitter Contest:
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We hope you can make it!

Many Thanks,
The SheSpeaks Team

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