Thursday, December 31, 2015

Next Cognitive Therapy By Naming What You See in The Clouds

Have you heard?  Right up there with living off the land and getting back to basics, we now have adult coloring books for unwinding and relieving stress.  It really does make sense and now I wonder, Why didn't I think of that?  Waterbrook Press comprised this collection of  beautiful pictures and spiritual quotes from inspired authors or beloved hymns.  Creating is enjoyable.  Coloring is calming.  I recall many fond memories of coloring right along with my children while they were growing up  Using adult coloring books as a tool for therapy is not that far fetched.  
These books differ from children's coloring books in many ways.  For one, the book is quite large and the paper is stronger so that the owner can put their finished products in frames to share.  That being one of the reasons the books are more expensive.  Also these coloring books all have a certain theme to allow the owner to escape their daily problems if but  for a little while.
I have really enjoyed reviewing this outstanding product for Blogging for Books. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

                 Last night I was sitting back reflecting on the past year and my heart swelled with such gratitude. I got everything I wanted and feel spoiled not just by my family and friends but also by God.  It's amazing to see how circumstances worked out when I was close to losing Faith.  The end result being much joy and many blessings.  I would plea, never ever give up because God's way truly is the Best even when we cannot see.
       I can't help but contemplate on the things my husband does for us (his family) and always with such love.  What a wonderful world it would be if there were more Harold's; a true gentleman who bends over backwards to help others out.  I could never ask for a better spouse.
       This year my little sister came home twice (spiritually & naturally).  My soul sings with such joy renewing our relationship which was hard to keep up when she lived miles away.  Now back in Michigan it's like we never ever were apart.
        The Lord saw my many fastings and prayer for my youngest daughter.  He initiated a wonderful Miracle in her life and no sooner did things resolve in her life than an unexpected emergency occurred in my eldest daughter's life.  Nicole & Nick being close to twenty years of marriage and who gave me Bailey & Cara (Bailey being 17 years and Cara 16)  became pregnant again.  She had a very difficult delivery and withstood many blood tranfustions but Thank God she is ok today and we are all loopy with love for our newest addition, Brayden,
        Through our Church I became very close friends with a sweet sister from Georgia.  Sister Kenah Knowles.  Although we have never met in person, it's like we knew one another all of our lives.  She has become an inspiration by sharing her experiences and a prayer partner for life.  Pray for our dear sister who lost her husband not long ago.  He being a member and she is my age.  Their love and bond through God was great and the separation has been difficult.
       Oh the Great Love of God.  He is so real and real in our lives if we would but have Him.  I began 2015 with many concerns and I watched as the Lord worked through each situation and only through Him was I able to make it through to enjoy the end results...of pure joy~

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Not Just A Story of Losing A Child; This Book Is An Answered Prayer

As a christian, I always have believed in Miracles.  The book, Rare Bird by Anna Whiston~Donaldson was an answered prayer for me.  It's the true, tender story about how the author loses her son and how she copes with the most difficult situation any person can face.  This New York Times best seller came to me at exactly the perfect time.  Unlike other books on this same subject, the author offers hope through her suffering and finds a closer relationship with God after losing her beloved child.  My best friend, lost her second child to cancer this past March and I have been trying desperately to reassure her that God can help her with her pain.  As humans, it's always easier and more true when we hear this from someone who has experienced what we have gone through.  I couldn't wait to give a copy of this heart touching read.  I am also ordering a copy for my Aunt and Uncle whom, just a couple weeks ago, lost their third child.  My cousin Jimmy.  It has been a blessing reviewing this true account for Blogging for Books.  I recommend highly for Clergy and those who serve the public.  Personally I will be keeping several copies on hand.

Money Making Moms is a Brilliant Resource

                           New York Times Bestselling author, Crystal Paine shares her expertise in learning to become your own boss and create a successful business.  Ms. Paine is also well known online for the popular website Mommy Saving Mom .  In her newest book, she covers everything the reader needs to be aware of to start a business.  She even gives tips on the type of career to venture into.  Many young women are drawn to her because she has made her own dream a reality and now she gladly is passing all that information on.  The book gives practical and concise advice and brings one closer to acheiving their business.  Finally the perfect book for stay at home mothers.  I was given the opportunity to review this book through Book Look Bloggers.  Money Making Moms is brilliant, easy to understand and comes with my utmost recommendations.  

Ten Skills Every Man Must Develop to Love His Wife Well

                 Author's Darrin & Amie Patrick tackle that old question, What does my wife want?  They prove that if you infiltrate these ten basic attributes (worship; listening; submitting; serving; providing among others) that you will become the best spouse ever.  The book is directed towards christian men where they can incorporate their belief's and put faith into action, although I highly recommend for all young men who want a thriving marriage.  Being blessed with a very happy union with my spouse and thoroughly enjoying marriage life, I can confirm that what the authors convey is true.  For many, the tasks may mean change and at a step at a time.  For others, who are selfless and who enjoy giving this book is a good reminder during difficult stages.  The authors provide questions and answer opportunities so that the readers can interact along with their partners.  There are a number of fun opportunities listed to get closer to your wife.  Overall a great read and learning tool.  I was given the great opportunity of reviewing this book for Book Look Bloggers.  

Friday, December 4, 2015

Adam Benforado Tackles Broken Legal System in UNFAIR

                    "Unfair" by Adam Benforado takes a stark look at the unfortunate failings of our justice system.   Most individuals agree that the legal system has had it's flaws.  Tackling real cases in depth he reveals to us
  exacts which are very dismal.  This author reveals shocking evidence through prior experiences and
  research.  Learning some of these truths left me feeling frustrated and upset.  He offers his advice on what
  can be done.  The book is very deep and took me a long time to get through.  I was given the opportunity
  to review this outstanding piece for Book Look Bloggers. More info about the author