Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Color Code Bible~ Great for Adult's Too!

            When it come's to the Holy Scriptures, I am all for anything that aid's in the learning process.  There are so many extra tools in the NKJV Color Code Bible to enhance the reading experience that even, I, at 60 years of age would keep this for my own reference.  I commend Thomas Nelson for their creavity and knowledge to put together this spectacular bible.  Yes, it was intended for children, but would also aide those with vision problems.  The color coding is adorable.  Purple words are in reference to Heaven, Gold words are God and that's how the system works.
This Bible also lists all the prophetic books along with the major prophets and minor prophets; the books of history and books of poetry.  There is a whole section on where you can find certain stories such as where you can read about Solomon or Samuel ext.  These all enhance reading the Bible.  I highly recommend to young and old alike.  I was given the opportunity to review through Book Look Bloggers.

Welch's Passion is Infectious

           Brian 'Head' Welch's newest release With Eyes Wide Open kept me captivated for fourteen hours. The time it took me to read his book from cover to cover.  My youngest daughter is the Korn fan.  I read for the spiritual journey.  I was eager to learn about Brian's walk with Christ and was astounded by what He already knew.  He spoke like a seasoned christian putting away any doubts about His submitting everything over to the Lord.  Most new christian's are naive thinking  that once they promise to serve God, their lives will be perfect.  Welch knew better that God doesn't promise us a rose garden but He does promise to be there to get through the rough spots.  The author is very humble and sincere in doing things God's way and his story is a testimony of how God works during our difficult times to bring about a brighter end for us.
This book should definitely prove why we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.  I am grateful that the author shared his experiences with us which everyone can learn from.  Book Look Bloggers gave me the opportunity to read in exchange for my honest opinions.