Sunday, January 26, 2014

Abstinence isn't about not having sex; it's about waiting to have it right~

          Dannah Gresh's  '"And  The Bride Wore White`Seven Secrets to Sexual Purity"' is the perfect book to share with teen daughter's.  Sometimes our children listen better to others who can relate to them and this book establishes to young women that if you want true joy and confidence, it is better to wait to have sex.  The world we live in now is much more difficult for young people when the majority of their peers are going in the wrong direction.  Ms. Gresh also addresses important topics
such as breaking off bad relationships and shares testimonies from her readers.  Speak to any teenager who got pregnant in her early years and she will tell you that she wished to have waited.  I applaud Dannah Gresh for this much needed book and pray that she will touch the hearts of all those who read it.  As a member of Moody Publishers Blog Reviewers I was able to read this publication in exchange for my honest opinions.  Excellent Resource.

All You Want to Know About Hell By Steve Gregg

  For many the thought of "Hell" is incomprehensible especially as an eternal suffering from not following God's way.  Like it or not, Hell is mentioned all over the Bible and for those Christians who take the Bible literally, it's all a part of the divine plan.  Author Steve Gregg has done extensive research in his new book to share with the reader the pros and cons of three popular Christian views which explan Hell's purpose.  This book is very deep and took me several times of reading and rereading to grasp each concept.  I was given this opportunity through Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest opinions.  It's not important as to whether I believe what each sect proclaims.  What's more important here is the detailed account on what Mr. Gregg promises.  The book will keep you captivated and wanting to understand more.  It raises a lot of questions and controversy as much as the subject as Hell itself.  The book contains a lot of history siting the views of the early church. Included in the back of the book is a chart of  arguments for Tradictionalism; Conditionalism; and Restorationalism.  The Author has given us a superb work of writing which will teach each reader much.

Fiber One Protein CRANBERRY ALMOND Cereal, So Good You Will Think It's Dessert~

Have you ever had those cereals that were so packed with sugar that they were a turn off? General Mills got the natural sweetness down pat with their New Fiber One Protein Cranberry Almond Cereal.  In fact, it is so delicious that I have to remind myself that it's not dessert but a meal.  A definite plus is there is only 220 calories per serving and that it contains 20% of the daily fiber content we need.  Now with Valentine's Day right around the corner, which is my wedding anniversary...I've found the perfect way to celebrate that morning with my spouse.  Because of BzzAgent and General Mills I was able to taste this new cereal in exchange for my honest opinion.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Healthy Means Taste Great With General Mills New Fiber One Protein Cereal's

Being a Bzz Agent has it's perks such as receiving free boxes of the new General Mills Fiber One Protein Cereals in exchange for my honest review.  Noone knows better than my family that this mom has a sweet tooth and healthy foods don't generally turn me on.  Not until I tried the New Fiber One Protein Cereal Maple Brown Sugar.  After my products arrived, I wasn't certain what to expect.  I was blown over after trying the Maple Brown Sugar.  Who would believe that something so healthy could tastes as awesome as well.  I love love love the taste, so much in fact that I not only eat it for my breakfast cereal but I have a couple handfuls at night when I need a sweet snack. Only two days into this campaign and more than half of my box is already gone.  That's ok, I'm planning on a long love affair with Fiber One Protein cereals.  For all of those out there who made their New Year's Resolution to watch their weight....this is a preferred treat for you.  Who say's that cereal can only be eaten in the morning.  At only 240 calories per cup, this is a better decision for lunch than those high fat and calorie sandwiches.  Finally I think I'll be able to reach my weight goals...Thanks to General Mills; Bzz Agent and Fiber One Protein Cereals.  Next to try and I should be posting about is the Cranberry Almond Fiber One Protein Cereal.  See you than~