Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Coloring the Classy

      Zoe De Las Cases offers this classy, coloring book which deserves a thousand applauds.  I just love it.
With complete guides being sold on the adult benefits of coloring and tons of books offering tips and techniques it is no surprise that these coloring books are in demand.  There are coloring books for whatever your passion may be.  I'm fortunate, as a book reviewer to have seen many of these books first hand.  My favorite coloring books are unique; not like all the others.   Hence, the main reason I fell head over hills for Paris Street Style.  The cover is very sturdy, like a regular book and there is an elastic book mark to show your friends your finished pages.  The pictures are of fashion, a subject dear to most women.  I recommend this as a Mother's Day Gift along with some coloring pencils.  I was given the honor to review this wonderful publication through Blogging For Books for my honest review.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Forgiveness Is Not An Event, It Is a Lifestyle ~Kate Grosmaire

Heart wrenching and compelling, I would rather miss a night of sleep than to put this book down.  It is imperative that the reader read Forgiving My Daughter's Killer in it's entirety to fully appreciate how Kate Grosmaire was able to forgive her sweet daughter's killer.  Something that would seem so unnatural to most parents.  Her faith began as a child when she witnesses a young person die from a gun shot wound in her house.  Her Grandparents and parents lived a Godly lifestyle, instilling a love for God in their children.  Kate grew up turning to the Lord for everything.  This true story is a testament of how those things which are impossible to man; are possible with God.  Her daughter's killer is her daughter's boyfriend.  The family formed a love for him prior to this incident insomuch that they allowed him to live with them when he had a fallout with his parents.  Both Kate (the author) and her husband, Andy share this thought...they could not define Conor (the killer) by one single moment of His life.  Their hearts were truly full of God's Spirit.  I am so grateful Kate Grosmaire despite her loss, wrote this moving book.  So that unbeliever's can see the beauty of God.  The family keeps in contact with Conor after he is incarcerated.  There is an entire chapter devoted to questions and answers with Conor.  Here he elaborates on how the Grosmaire's forgiveness develops his faith in God.  I cannot say enough about this book, it's incredible.  BookLook Bloggers gave me the opportunity to review in exchange for my thoughts.  

Monday, April 4, 2016

Fast Metabolism Food Rx

Haylie Pomroy (New York Times Best Selling Author) grew up with a number of physical ailments which became a real challenge to her.  Not wanting to live her entire life on prescription drugs she took a nose dive into researching and learning.  What she found out could put a damper on many doctor's businesses.  It is not by chance that she is a well known nutritionist today.  She has discovered the remedy to most illnesses is what we eat.  She even prescribes food to her clients.
Fast Metabolism Food Rx lists the foods we should avoid and equally as important, the food we can have.  This publication is a wealth of information and can be used over and over for reference.  I think it is the perfect companion for those who want to develop a healthy lifestyle.  I am honored to have read and reviewed for Blogging for Books.

101 Reasons to Stop Hearing "I'm Bored" Mom!

    Another exceptional Zonderkidz publication!  The editors of Faithgirlz resolve the annoying statement parents often hear from their middle school daughter's '"Mom, I'm Bored"'.  With summer vacation right around the corner this publication is the perfect antidote to keep the young ones happy.  This incredible book outlines 101 ways to have real fun.  There's something to whet everyone's appetite, no matter what their passion.  Baking, planning parties and even a score of small jobs to make extra money.  I recommend this book highly for parents as well as the daughters as their are projects you can work on together and grow closer.  Some marvelous ways to spend quality time with your girls.  It was my pleasure to review this book for BookLook Bloggers.  A huge shout out to Zonderkidz for an excellent book!