Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Spiritual Platter

When my Grandfather DiFalco came to America seeking riches, little did he know what God had in store for him.  He left his hometown of  Venice, Italy in his early twenties in search of a better life.  He met my Grandmother Rapheala and after a short courtship, they married and settled in Detroit, MI.  Grandpa landed a very good job at Ford Motor Company and it was a blessing he did as he would bare twelve children.  When my grandmother was pregnant with my father, Ether, she decided to give her life to Christ.  Grandpa and Grandma were both attending The Church of Jesus Christ~The Restored Gospel and fell in love with The Word of God and wanted that lifestyle for their family.  In time both of my grandparents were baptised and raised their family in a Christain home.  By the time I came around, the entire family was fervent in serving the Lord and I happened to be blessed into a huge immediate and extended family that put God first.  Although I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth, I feel that I received much more.  I was given a spiritual platter.  I was raised in the Church, became baptised in my teenage years and have experienced walking in the Spirit for more than forty years.  I grew up hearing many of the brothers and sisters testify about how God did miracles for them and over the years have witnessed miracles in my own life over and over again.  Thus, the title for my blog "Miracles".  I didn't realize that other people did not have the same background as I and even now I find it hard that people question if Miracles truly occur.  The purpose of my blog is to share some of my many experiences in hopes of  encouraging others.  I believe that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. The many blessings he has given me, he is able to do for others if we open the door.  My heart is overflowing with gratefulness and I have found, that by putting God first, everyday is true joy. The key to contentment is being thankful no matter where we are in this life.  Thank you for wanting to share in my journey. 


  1. Hi Denise - congratulations on your new blog! I'll post the link and feature your article in the morning, to encourage our members to visit you here. I'll do whatever I can to promote your blog so you can reach a few more readers! Nina

  2. Thank you so much, I seen the post mentioned this morning...You all are such a joy!

  3. What an AWESOME testimony of the love, grace, and mercy of our Heavenly Father!

    I pray that God would open ALL of our eyes to seen the miracles He performs on our behalf every single day! and to experience His loving kindnesses that are new every morning, every single day! Miracles of love and opportunities are always abounding; however, sadly we don't always seem them! We miss quit a bit.

    I think that when people hear the word "miracles," they are looking for BIG in your face type of miracles, like someone being raised from the dead or limbs growing back, which God still does. But it's the small, seemingly insufficient, things that are and should be counted as miracles: going to bed at night and waking up in the morning; be able to wash and clothe yourself, walking, crying, singing, dancing, having family and friends who truly love you, etc. We often take these things for granted, but not everyone in the world has these things or experiences these things on a daily basis. Someone didn't wake up this morning, someone doesn't have family or friends who love them.

    Yes! I thank God for ALL this miracles -- small or large one!

  4. Congratulations on your new blog. I added a few followers ( wink)