Thursday, April 26, 2012

What is Faithfunder?

Faithfunder is in the business in helping others acheive their dreams. Taken with permission from their website: '"Faithfunder is a new way for the faith-based community to fund creative or entrepreneurial projects and worthy causes. The faith market is one of the most generous segments of the population. Christians are always ready to get behind worthy endeavors and this is the catalyst to do just that! Helpful Tips • Upload a brief entertaining video pitch on your project page • Ask for a reasonable amount of funding • Offer unique and clever rewards • Vigorously promote your project via friends, family and associates • Read the Faithfunder Blog for tips • Support projects of others...they will be more likely to support yours! Faithfunder matches up projects with donors who want to see family friendly entrepreneurs, producers, musicians and artists succeed and get their creative projects out to the marketplace. It is also a place for worthy causes to gain support! Faithfunder is the 'go-to' spot for crowdsourcing family friendly fare. This is the place for creative people in the faith-based market to raise donations for their projects. In return, the donors get some really cool stuff, and even better, they get to bless someone."' DON'T MISS OUT on the opportunity of a lifetime, spread the word and take your first step to success!

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