Monday, July 30, 2012

It's ok to cry in "Grieving God's Way" by Margaret Brownley

Long overdue, Margaret Brownley's book "Grieving God's Way"  supports those who suffer the tragic losses of loved ones by inspiring them to weep if they need to weep and not to try and rush the healing process.  Many times, well-meaning friends may expect the individual going through deep heartache to just 'get it over with'!  Unless you've experienced the loss of a loved one there is no way that you can give advice on this subject.  There are many stages of grief as outlined in this marvelous book and it is imperative that each person take all the time they need to cope with their situation.  The author approaches the matter by writing daily biblical verses and teaches the reader to apply what they are learning.  The book is structured in such a manner that it is easy to comprehend and follow.  One of my best girlfriends just faced another anniversary of  her son's death and I knew that this book would prove to be beneficial to her.  I mailed it off to her and prayed that it would bless her.  She could totally relate to many of the instances which seem to be present among those who endure personal loss.  Cheryl was comforted by the compassion and understanding made known by this writer.   The book is also highly recommended to the friends of  the person suffering in order to better understand their difficulties.  I was honored to read this book  from Book Sneeze in exchange for my  review. 

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