Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Depression~Why You Just Can't Snap Out of It

        If you have ever been plagued by the dark clouds of depression and felt that there was no more hope or nowhere to turn, Gregory L. Jantz PHD will help you understand the pitfalls of this chemical imbalance and how you can appropriately get the help you need.  This book is also highly recommended to those who have family members with this disease.  Contrary to popular belief, an individual with a mental disorder cannot just wish it away although well meaning friends and relatives will expect them to do so.  This stellar book will open your eyes to the fact that depression is a chemical imbalance which needs to be treated appropriately by a psychiatrist and/or psychologist.  Depending on the degree and determination of the type of depression, most likely the doctor will prescribe anti-depressants and therapy.  The important fact is to realize, the afflicted can get better.  Many who have went through treatment are more content in their lives than those who never experienced the difficulties they went through.  Dr. Jantz outlines all the symptoms of depression so that the reader can interact.  He includes written lessons for the victim to do as well as giving them questions on what they have learnt.  This book will prove to be a blessing to all those who read it.  I was given the pleasure to review from Walterbrook Multnomah Blogging For Books Program.

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