Sunday, September 8, 2013

Billy Graham in Quotes

   At 92 years old, Billy Graham is still reaching out to individuals to find true contentment in giving their lives over to God.  In this newest project, "Billy Graham in Quotes" Franklin Graham and Thomas Nelson gather his most thought provoking quotes (covering seven decades of  ministry) to inspire those with a listening ear.  As a fan of quotes, I believe these truly will make an impact on the reader.  Billy Graham does not mince words but boldly states the truth as found in the Bible.  This book contains many chapters with quotes on numerous subjects which still afflict individuals.  To name a few:  addiction; abortion; anger; anxiety; angels; compromise; death; grief and grace are just a spec of the subjects embarked upon.  With 433 pages altogether, this book is great to serve as a tool to have as you experience different difficulties in life.  It does not necessarily have to be read straight through.  I encourage those who struggle with reading to buy this book as you can gain a lot of knowledge by reading small chapters.  I have had the wonderful privilege of reviewing this book for Book Sneeze online.  Yes, I recommend~


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