Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Exploring What The Bible States About Heaven And Hell

Not everyone is a Bible Scholar which explains why the popular Author Christopher D. Hudson is so popular.  He has spent a lifetime helping others understand the scriptures.  In his new book, "Heaven & Hell Are They Real?" he offers scriptural reference related to simple questions we all might have.  I was given the opportunity to read this awesome book for the Book Look Blogger Team in exchange for my thoughts.  I've been reviewing books for ten years and  this is only the second time I purchased a copy for my Kindle.  It's one of those books that I want to keep on hand for reference.  I have many friends who ask me about the afterlife because I love studying about it.  He addresses several concerns that almost everyone has such as: What exactly is our Heavenly inheritance; What will our bodies be like and Is Hell fair?  There is also additional content from trusted scholars and questions for digging deeper.  There is so much more to learn from Christopher D. Hudson that will widen our understanding of the afterlife.  I highly recommend this book for everyone.

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