Wednesday, November 4, 2015

About Arranged - FYI Network

2015 and "Arranged" is at the top of my  list of stellar programs on television.  Noone gets in between my favorite program and my off time.  It may be because my background is very similar to the families portrayed in this reality show.  No, our family does not believe in arranged marriages but once that is set's like reliving my young years in a very close knit Italian family with staunch belief's in family and making marriage last.  I come from a very large old school Italian broad.  Grandpa Antonio & Grandma Rafeala gave birth to 19 children (long before 19 kids and counting).  They owned a huge duplex, with 2 apartments atop their primary residence.  When I was young our family lived in the upper front apartment while my Uncle Tony and his family lived in the back.  I thought at that time that we were rich because our street was riddled with aunt and uncles and cousins.  I thought the DiFalco's owned the street in Detroit in the early 60's.  I seen my cousins on a daily basis so we grew up more like brothers and sisters rather than cousins.  We went to school together, played together and everyone ate downstairs at grandma's place.  The kids all felt overwhelmed with lots of supervisors because whenever our parents weren't around, there was always an aunt or uncle there to keep an eye out on us...myself included.  I cherish those days and the memories.  It would take me years before I found out that not everybody grew up that way.  Our family was deeply spiritual and had many ground rules like respect your parents, showing respect and not bringing reproach to our family name. So in a lot of ways I can relate to 'Christian & Maria's' lifestyle.  Perhaps this is why this program brings a warm inner feeling when it airs.  I wish only the best for all the couples.  I dearly love learning about diverse cultures. About Arranged - FYI Network:

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