Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Daniel Fast for Weight Loss

                 Most Christains can identify with the rewards of spiritual fasting.  The type of fasting that draws us closer to God by sacrificing all food for a small period of time.  Fasting was second nature to me, growing up in a Church that held many fast services however I had never heard of The Daniel Fast.  Normal fasting requires giving up all foods and intimacy in marriages for a day or so to show our sincere desire to God. Susan Gregory explains in her newest book that the Daniel fast is a partial fast of certain foods for 21 days.  The foods come from the scriptures Daniel Chapter 1 verse 12 and Daniel Chapter 10 Verse 3 which we are to refrain from.  It's basically a fruit and vegetable diet which does not allow any meat, dairy or sugars.  The author has supplied the reader with some recipes.  In the past, followers would fast for their spiritual welfare although it is very true that you will lose weight on this lean diet.  I have one problem, in that I feel fasting is sacred and holy and that our hearts should be set on the spiritual growth rather than on the bonus benefit.  The Daniel Fast is definitely unique and different to any other weight loss program that I have read about or even tried.  The food is healthy but the program is strict and I wonder how many could actually complete the 21 days.  I was given the opportunity to review this book for the Tyndale Book community in exchange for my thoughts.

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