Monday, April 4, 2016

Fast Metabolism Food Rx

Haylie Pomroy (New York Times Best Selling Author) grew up with a number of physical ailments which became a real challenge to her.  Not wanting to live her entire life on prescription drugs she took a nose dive into researching and learning.  What she found out could put a damper on many doctor's businesses.  It is not by chance that she is a well known nutritionist today.  She has discovered the remedy to most illnesses is what we eat.  She even prescribes food to her clients.
Fast Metabolism Food Rx lists the foods we should avoid and equally as important, the food we can have.  This publication is a wealth of information and can be used over and over for reference.  I think it is the perfect companion for those who want to develop a healthy lifestyle.  I am honored to have read and reviewed for Blogging for Books.

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