Thursday, January 12, 2017

Beautiful Lessons of Mother Teresa

              A CALL TO MERCY Hearts to Love, Hands to Serve is a lovely compilation of the words of Mother Teresa and explanations on how we should serve the Lord and treat all human beings worthy of service.  The book is difficult at times for those less educated on the Catholic Faith and their rituals.  I fall into this category and could have become frustrated to the point of not reading.  Yet I desired to learn more about Mother Teresa and found much inspiration and understanding in her words.  Whomever she came in contact whether a dying poor man or the President of the United States, she showed the same respect and Love of Christ to all.  She confirmed the importance of treating all men/women equally and that is still very important today, in the time we are living.
She stresses the importance of visiting the sick and those who are imprisoned.  Our service should include praying for all individuals and being patient in our trials.  There is a multitude of testimonies from individuals who knew Mother Teresa. 
I was given the opportunity to examine this book for Blogging for Books in exchange for my thoughts.  It is an excellent read.

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