Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Perfect Gift for Baby Jesus~

As a young child, more times than nought, I felt a kin to the Little Drummer Boy wondering 'Who am I to know the King and what have I to give him?' It took many years before I would come to realize that none of us are worthy enough and that Jesus was our gift from God. Last night, my spouse and I exchanged gifts since we would be traveling tonight (Christmas Eve). Tears literally rolled down my cheeks when I opened Harold's gift to very own Sony Internet TV with Google Android HD built in. To make a long story short, my prized laptop died a few months back and I certainly did not want to spend the family's money on this sort of luxury. However, with my disability my sweet husband realized this is my prime contact with the outside world. He wanted to make my dream come true and what meant more than this to me was the warm sentiment that comes with knowing he truly loves me. Yes, I have been blessed. Now I can continue to blog of God's goodness to my hearts content.
Ironically, this is not my birthday nor your birthday but it is the Day that Christ was borne. In many ways, I am still like that young girl I was many moons ago...inadequate and unsure of what I could give to Jesus. The glorious truth is that all he wants is our hearts, our sincere desire to follow him and place Him first in our lives. I can't imagine my life without him and the tender guidance he has given or the loving support and encouragement. As the world has sought many other avenues to walk down, my sincere prayer is to remain faithful to the little baby in the Manger. The greatest gift we can give to him is ourselves~

Wishing you all a Safe & Joyful Holiday!
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