Monday, January 30, 2012

The Stories Behind Our Most Loved Hymns

Robert J. Morgan's THEN SINGS MY SOUL BOOK 3 is the last in his beloved series. This wonderful compilation is just as uplifting and inspiring as the songs themselves that we grew up loving. Read the true accounts of the authors and what motivated them into writing their lyrics and music. I was more than pleased to learn that I would be receiving this book from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review. For me, as a young girl growing up in the church, music and hymns found a special place in my heart. I learned about my God and all his greatness through the words of the hymns which often brought me to tears of joy. I could relate to Jesus through the tremendous melodies and would be caught often humming my favorite tunes. To have the greatest opportunity to read the stories behind the music was thrilling and exciting. Robert J. Morgan's Then Sings My Soul will always remain a favorite read for me. Not only do I recommend but I implore others to read these wonderful experiences which will only draw them nearer to their maker and deeper in understanding and respect for the writers. It's a phenomenal book, one that I will refer to often. A great big thank you to Book Sneeze for the awesome opportunity!


  1. I found your blog through (I’m also a booksneeze blogger) I’m releasing an e-book at the beginning of next month. "The 6:33 Piano Teacher, How to teach piano for the glory of God." It’s for Christians who have thought about teaching music lessons. If this is something you might be willing to review for me, please e-mail me at lessonsfromivy at gmail dot com. I'm a relatively new author so I will take all the reviews I can get : )