Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dr. James L. Marcum, MD Shares Biblical Healing tools in "The Ultimate Prescription"

Named by USA TODAY as one of the most influential physicians in his field, Dr. James L Marcum,MD is not only a board-certified cardiologist but a firm believer in God's word. He practices both the spiritual and natural ways of making ourselves whole. He conveys in his writing that too many doctors are too quick to prescribe medications than get to the root of the real problem that causes ailments. For example: not enough exercise; eating the wrong types of foods and too much stress. Dr. Marcum shows the readers how the Bible gives us the answers on what we must do to stay physically fit. Additives and soft drinks should be replaced by fresh foods and plenty of water on a daily basis. He also correlates how this all affects our emotional well-being. His advice is sound and down-to-earth yet requires a lifestyle change. Too many individuals want a quick fix and to walk down the wide path which is easier. Dr. James L Marcum, MD tells us the truth, a truth which may save our life. I admire the doctor for supplying this information and going against the grain.
I had the wonderful opportunity to review this book from the Tyndale blogging community in exchange for my thoughts.

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