Friday, May 4, 2012

God Loves Broken People By Sheila Walsh

Sheila Walsh reinterates that noone that walks the face of the this Earth, does so unscathed. A concept that I have tried to share with my daughters while they were growing up. The glory of it all lies between the pages of her new book GOD LOVES BROKEN PEOPLE because the Lord offers us an alternative way to dealing with pain. Oft times, human beings our deaf to God's words because they are too busy with their fulfilled lives. It's unfortunate that most of us have to reach bottom before we look up to him. It is at our lowest times that, when our hearts are broken we seek out his solace and in so doing learn the greatest secrets to Faith, Hope and His Love. Sheila Walsh makes herself vulnerable by sharing her private struggles and ultimate intimacy with God in this amazing book. If most Christians are honest, they too, have similar experiences. I know that I, also, drew my closest to God when tragedy and loss struck my family. Many things we experience in life are really blessings in disguise and with God, we can make something positive out of the negative. All humans experience pain although different times and seasons than our own what is important is how we deal with these circumstances. GOD LOVES BROKEN PEOPLE will be an inspirational source for many and offers everyone a hope to hold on during their most difficult hours. I highly recommend this splendid resource and feel priviledged that I was able to obtain a copy of this book from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest review.

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