Saturday, March 30, 2013

Garnier Olia Gets Rid of Resistant Grays

Being a Bzz Agent definitely has it's perks.  I was given the awesome opportunity to try out Garnier's new Olia  Hair Care in exchange for my honest opinions.  At first, I had my doubts because I have stubborn, resistant gray hairs which are difficult even for the best hair stylist to cover completely.  I took the challenge expecting a negative result.  I was soon to find out that Garnier stands behind their promises.  Since pictures can say a thousand words, I have embedded them below to show my readers how my hair looked before and after using Garnier Olia.  Give me a few moments to elaborate on this wonderful product.  Garnier's Olia does not contain ammonia rather than that it uses 60% oil blend containing natural flower oils in the colorant.  Applying the solution is very easy and I found that leaving it in my hair an extra five minutes because of my resistant gray was the answer.  Not only was all the gray completely covered but the color was so vibrant and stunning.  I particularly enjoyed the silky feel of my locks and the incredibly low price for a product that actually works.  I must confess that this was my first experience with Garnier Hair Coloring and they have made a big fan out of me.  I've already stocked up on several more boxes to use in the future.  Note in the first photo below (Pre-Garnier Olia) how I have a lot of gray right in the front of my face which always made it difficult for me to pull my bangs off of my face.
And the final results which was a pleasant surprise~

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