Monday, March 4, 2013

Lord, I Give You This Day

Author Kay Arthur's Lord, I Give You This Day 366 Appointments With God was a rewarding experience for me.  I am grateful to Blogging for Books for the opportunity to get to know this writer.  I really enjoy her writing style and look forward to obtaining more of her books. This daily devotional beacons the reader to make a greater commitment to their service for Christ.  She explains how we can make God our center no matter what may befall us.  Highlighting many opportunities to please our Lord and draw closer to him, this book will walk us through many of the trials that we all
encounter.  With scripture, the author is able to uplift and encourage us everyday.  On January 3rd  she shares, '"Oh friend, let me assure you that no matter what changes are occurring in your life, in your job, in your family, in the nation there is always one stabilizing factor upon which you can rest: your God.  He is the immovable Rock.  You can hide in Him."'  Such inspiring words bring a hopeful start to each reader's morning.  If  you have been down and out, this book will bring you strength and courage.  Devotionals are awesome in that way, giving you enough to ponder on for  that day and than blessing your soul with something new on the next day. 

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