Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tips for The Perfect 4th of July Barbecue?

Having a grand barbecue does not have to cost a fortune.  Kroger's brand hamburgers, buns, potato chips, pop and frozen treats will keep your expenses down.  Recently I had the grandkids over for Father's Day and our family was surprized to hear that the majority of the food and drinks was the Kroger's brand.  With the money I  saved on the groceries I was able to buy squirt guns and water balloons for the kids to play with.  The best part was all the compliments the chef received for a delicious meal. 

As a Member of BzzAgent I was able to participate in this campaign in exchange for my honest views.
Kroger has made our family fans forever.  For those who are watching their calories, they have a delicious healthy frozen treat, yogurt bars.  Only 50 calories per serving.  My grandchildren loved them and asked for more.  Don't miss out, buy Kroger Brand.

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