Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Buying Gift Cards From Krogers Gives You 4X in Fuel Rewards

The Christmas Gift With Rewards

Kroger is rewarding their customer's who are buying their gift cards at their store.  Each gift card you purchase equals 4x fuel points for you.  Not only have I made a good fortune in fuel points from buying gift cards for the teen aged grandkids and son's and daughter-in-laws but I took a tip from fellow Bzz Agents by buying gift cards upfront to use on gifts I was going to buy anyway.  I bought cards for Target and Walmart and purchased christmas presents at those stores which doubled my rewards.  This is the week where most individuals are stuck on buying for the hardest people to get ont their lists.  Everybody can use gift cards.  Don't miss out. Just think how much you can save on gas in the next couple weeks.

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