Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Excellent Resource for All Gardening Enthusiast

            As a gardening enthusiast for more than thirty five years, I can appreciate all that one must know to produce prolific outcomes.  My passion was embred early on after accidently cutting off my favorite grandpa's prize roses.  Part of my punishment was learning all the work it took to keep his collection going.  As a young mother interested in giving her children the very best food choices; I immediately began growing my own vegetables.  Oh how I wish I had the knowledge that is available in Karen Newcombs book "The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden" which leans towards growing in tiny spaces and containers but offers so much more pertinent information for all growers.  The author emphasizes on organic gardening and there is a whole chapter dedicated to the different types of vegetables, many of which I didn't know of.  She covers everything from preparing the proper soil, when and how to plant and there is a special chapter which I really appreciated on controlling pests, diseases and critters.  This latter information is key to whether your garden will survive or not.  This is an excellent resource for all gardeners and would make for an awesome gift.  To learn more about Karen Newcomb .   I was given the wonderful opportunity of reviewing this book for Blogging for Books.  

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