Thursday, April 30, 2015

God's Tender Messages To A Grieving Father~

                  The Hope of Heaven (God's Eight Messages of Assurance to A Grieving Father) by Alan M. Hallene Jr. is a confirmation that God still speaks to us today even in our darkest hour.  The author of this true story is brave to share every detail of his son's suicide in order to reach others and spare such a tragedy from occuring to them.  Heart wrenching but uplifting, this book is bittersweet and has many powerful messages.  At times it is raw and hard to read making the message more remarkable as we realize the pain the Hallene family had to endure in order to recall and share it.  I was honored to review this book for the BookLook community in exchange for my views.  This book is an excellent resource not only for those who lost loved ones but also is instrumental for those facing depression.  All christains would benefit by reading.

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