Sunday, October 11, 2015

How #Rhodes Bake & Serve Made My Special Week So Much Easier!

                 My daughter giving birth to another child after 17 years was a big surprize.  A few weeks back we welcomed little Brayden into the family.  That meant family & friends coming in from out of town to visit our newest member.  It was nothing to have between 5-10 guests at every meal.  #Tryazon gave me a perfect idea for breakfast.  I knew #Rhodes Bake & Serve Cinnamon Rolls would make for a big hit.  These are so simple to bake and only take fifteen minutes to prepare.  Once in the oven our home had the sweetest aroma which urged everyone to the breakfast table.
Needless to say everyone just loved the cinnamon rolls; especially the fellows.  #Rhodes also came in handy at dinnertime.  Rhodes dinner rolls were the perfect addition to my homemade pasta and meatball supper.  The rolls were so simple to prepare, I thawed them at room temperature and let them rise and stick them in the oven to bake.  My reward from my guests was an empty plate and smiling faces.  My reward to my guests were the coupons provided by #Tryazon for them to take home and use.  

Kudos to #Rhodes and to #Tryazon for making my meals a success.  Now for the best part...see below

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