Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ruth A Tucker's True Story of Finding Hope After Domestic Abuse

Ruth A. Tucker's "Black and White Bible; Black and Blue Wife" was difficult for me to read because I was in a similar position.  My husband was Presiding Deacon of our Church for years yet behind doors at home he was everything but christian like.  He was both verbally and physically abusive.  When I turned to the one place I thought could help me instead of was met with resentment for sharing the truth.  Abuse is hard enough to withstand but mix it with the politics of Church and male headship and than the victim feels totally alone.  I admire the courage of Ms. Tucker to write this book and share her real experience.  My prayer is that her story will resonate the higher ups in the Church.  From reading her publication it is apparent that this disturbing cycle occurs more often than once thought.  I feel that it is imperative for the clergy to read.  I am honored to have read this book for Book Look Bloggers.

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