Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Movie Review: 94 Feet

     FishFlix is a prominent Christian Movie Online Store designed to deepen your faith.  Imagine my surprise when I was contacted by their representative to do reviews for them.  What an Honor!  They are noted for '"featuring thousands of Christian dvds , everyday low prices and FREE shipping for orders over $40.'"  How phenomenal is that?  Family oriented entertainment at an affordable price.
Those that join the FishFlix mailing list and/or text 5-GIFT to 44222 will receive a $5 coupon to FishFlix.com.
With such a wide array of Christian topics to view (biographies, end times, children and sports to name a few) in film and movies they don't disappoint.  I have since become a huge fan of FishFlix.

FishFlix sent me the newly released movie  94 Feet which is the harrowing story of a small Indiana coal mining community which is met with catastrophe. Although the location is fiction based, the events are true St. Michaels is a town where people work hard.  They are family oriented and basically good people. St. Michaels has been financially spent since a number of their businesses have gone bankrupt. The movie focuses on the layoff's of the coal miners group;  which the people respected for generations.  Now it is feared that it will lend to their doom.  Long standing members of the town decide to leave.  Others are on the brink of losing hope. The characters are impeccable, making the story come to life.  While watching I felt akin to Chris and Denise Rossi who both lost their father's to coal mining collapses.  Chris has a best friend, Marco who is quite the character.  Their friendship keeps the watchers on a roller coaster of laughter and tears.  And than it happens, on what seems to be the last work for many who were laid off or who are leaving, the mine collapes 94 feet.  With little air to survive, we witnesses employees helping one another to survive and helping the dying.  The community unites together in Faith.  Without spoiling the movie I have to say it is one of the most powerful movies I ever seen .  I loved it! These type of movies are my favorite. As a Christian we all face adversity and tribulations and I enjoy learning how others get through their most difficult times.  I vow to learn from these circumstances.  I highly recommend 94 Feet!

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