Thursday, June 23, 2016

Our Lives Had Once Been Beautiful and Our Lives Are Beautiful Still

           September Vaudrey's, Colors of Goodbye has moved me more than any other book I have ever read on loss.  Her loss is a parent's worse nightmare, that of losing a child.  Katie, her amazing daughter (a daughter that any parent would be proud to have) dies suddenly of an aneurysm at the young age of 19. Any doubt of the Vaudrey's faith in God is relinquished when reading this true account.  September shares her raw struggles which match what many Christians face when facing tragedy yet I have never seen in publication.  Mom Vaudrey questions whether the loss of her daughter is somehow because of something she did in the past.  Read along as genuine friends reassure her that it is not her fault.  From the point of impact of the accident on God makes himself known with visions and miracles to aide the Vaudrey family through their heartbreak.  Real evidence that God is there and that God is Good (Author's words) even when we think He is not.  Ms. Vaudrey's growth through her pain offers Hope to all that the sun will shine again and that they don't have to give in to bitterness and anger.  This stellar publication offers tools to help all those facing horrendous loss.  Special Kudos to Katie Vaudrey for leaving a life of ripples and to September Vaudrey for having the courage to share their story.  I am more than honored to have been able to review this book for the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my thoughts.  Think upon these wise words from the writer,
'"God never promised me a lifetime with my daughter.  He never promised me any of the blessings I get to treasure everyday. He promises us comfort in sorrow, strength when our faith fails, inexplicable peace, His presence in storms and life in all its fulness for those who follow him---but not a pain free life.  And the things he promises, He delivers."'

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