Monday, August 15, 2016

One Day At A Time, Celebrating Recovery Devotional

Johnny Baker MacOwen & John Baker take ordinary things in our everyday lives to bring about short stories and lessons to help on the addicts way to recovery.  Statistic's show only a 6% success rate of complete turn arounds.  Understanding the minds of addicts of self-deprevation and doubt these auhors prove with scripture; the Love God has for all His children and how He desires to walk and heal His children.  They highlight Jesus Christ for going to the cross for everyone's sins. This sincere devotional offers stepping stones for the reader to find success in their new lives.  This 25th Aniversary Edition contains the tools for the prodigal returning home who needs a strong spiritual base.  I am honored to have reviewed this book in exchange for my thoughts by Book Look Blogger's.  It will enhance the lives of addict's seeking comfort and growth.  I highly recommend.

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