Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Dr. Reggie Anderson Offers Hope During Life's Most Trying Times

Dr. Reggie Anderson won readers over with His best-seller "Appointments With Heaven: The True Story of a Country Doctor's Healing Encounters With The Hereafter".  He has had over twenty five years of emergency room experience witnessing diverse deaths often at the patient's bedside.  Now he gifts us with his newest publication "The One Year Book of Healing."  After witnessing suffering first-hand, he lends thoughts on overcoming these tribulations with Faith.
Presented as a devotional, the reader will be soothed and uplifted each day with a story, experience and/or scripture.  He reminds us that all of us experience heartache and that we are not alone.  This book targets physical, spiritual and emotional wellness.  The hope that he offers is priceless.  No doubt this much needed resource will rank high among best sellers as Dr. Anderson's books have achieved in the past. Tyndale Bloggers gave me the opportunity to read this stellar book in exchange for my thoughts.

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