Friday, February 3, 2012

New Fan Here of "A Life Full of Laughter"

I have found an exciting new blog "A Life Full of Laughter" which is so much fun to follow. Lisa and I have way more in common than she even realizes; perhaps that is the first blog I visit each morning. Gardening; quilting; family...we share the very same passions. You would think she was my long lost sister. Although we are not neighbors (wish we were) we do live in neighboring states...Lisa lives in Ohio and I in Michigan. I wanted to mention this awesome blog so you, also, can become a fan and follow. The rewards are multiple. She lifts your spirits and always has plenty of giveaways to participate in. Don't lose out.


  1. Hi! New follower of your blog - found you on the Purex Insiders board! I'm following you via GFC & email - hope you will stop by & follow me too! I'll also check out Life Full of Laughter's blog too.


  2. Hi! Wow, I just stumbled upon this post from back in February but thanks so much! I'm glad you have been enjoying my blog! Thanks for the awesome compliments!