Friday, March 16, 2012

Being Creative has been a refuge for me~

I began sewing when I was very young,about five years old . While my childhood friends were asking their parents to buy Barbie clothes for their dolls...I found it much more thrilling to design and sew my own. I mean, I really loved this although I didn't have a clue about sewing and I would hoard all of my mothers safety pins to secure the material around Barbie; I just got a kick out of what I thought I could do. Few individuals know this tidbit about my life. You see, most individuals focus on my writing abilities. Most of my life, I have written about challenges, difficulties and how I overcame painful obstacles in a therapeutic type of way. Although I have won countless awards, been featured in books and magazines this is not my first choice as a creative outlet because it involves thinking and looking at situations that were very uncomfortable for me. My hopes is that my writings shed some light to others who are sitting in dark places and give them courage to fight their adversity because all adversities can be overcome. I write for others, I sew for peace of mind. Quilting takes me away from stress and sorrow. Unfortunately most of my life, I had little time to devote to this personal luxuary because I was either working, going to school and taking care of the family. My girls are grown now and on their own and I was forced into an early retirement due to tarlov cyst disease (a chronic spinal cord condition) so rather than wallow in self-pity I have chosen to go back to those things which I love quilting, creating and yes, writing. As long as the passions of my heart can bring some inspiration to others I will aspire to do my best. One thing I have learned which I would love to pass is very difficult to be depressed when you are busy, especially doing those things which you find meaningful!

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